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Thanks for that clarification, Womabatclay. It helps. Darn, I almost went with Celebrating the great mother, but got circle round instead. I'll check it out for sure.

Chaoticzen, I love love love Circle Round. I didn't notice that it was "biased" As with anything, take what you like and leave the rest. I found lots that was useful in there, for many years.

I can't believe I finally gave away that set (I had the CD, too). I used it with ds for soooo long

czmom, to clarify, my ds is 9-1/2 now and couldn't care less about ritual...sigh.
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I like Circle Round too, and the cds are fun... dd1 adores the half/half swan song (a chant sung from the perspective of the youngest brother from the fairy tale where the sister has to save her brothers that have been turned into swans? And she does but the youngest brother retains one swan wing). And I use many of the chants too.

And it certainly doesn't say "Reclaiming only"! But the authors are leaders in Reclaiming and so that's the perspective they have (duotheistic with each holy day having a god and goddess for example). If you flip through the book and find that the details (and not just the crafts/recipes) resonate for you/your family you might want to check out other books/cds... they have some lovely seasonal rituals on cd, a cd of life stages rituals, and even a dance based ritual video. And books like Spiral Path, Twelve Wild Swans, and even some fiction novels like Fifth Sacred Thing. It's a very "social justice", "eco justice", "gender justice" group with some amazing things to offer.

Personally I like Celebrating more because there are fewer details I need to "leave" but the two books go well together IMO... Circle has a lot of detail that you can take or leave and Celebrating has a wider focus, so they compliment each other.
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