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U/S today ...

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Team Purple (I hate pink) for us. Everything looks good except placenta is anterior previa. Have to have another U/S in 8 weeks in hopes that is moves.
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I like purple better too, and didn't push pink on my little one, and tried to be gender neutral in her dress as a baby and toddler and guess what she loves pink! I have to laugh.

I'm glad she is healthy!
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Congrats on your little girl!

Were you hoping for one over another? Any names?
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This is baby #1 and I was really hoping for a boy. We plan on 3 and want 2 boys and a girl. I also heard that men tend to produce more X's as they get older. Hubby is already 36. So I feel that my chances of having two boys after this one are slim. This was also a clomid IUI baby. I guess if we have to do IUI again we can ask for them to wash the sperm in favor of a boy. With the personality of the girls in my family, if we have a second girl I think we are done. Just one is scary enough, LOL
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