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Regulating periods non-hormonally?

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Ever since having DD3 (16 mths ago) I have irregular periods. Nothing too major, but off by as much as a week either way. I can't take hormonal birth control to help this, so I'm trying to find a way to regulate myself without hormones. I've having trouble sorting through what's actually true from what's not in my google search. Help? I really need to get back on track in the next couple months.
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Vitex (as called chaste berry tree), it works great!
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If you're trying to get PG again, I wouldn't worry about regulating, but I would chart so you know when you O.

I tried EVERYTHING Vitex, soy, Hyponidd. There was a million pills I was taking a day.
Honestly, I don't think it really helped. The only thing that helped was charting, and diet and exercise (I have PCOS and wasn't having AF for 6+ months)
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I'm absolutely NOT wanting to get pregnant again. LOL I need to regulate them because I have something coming up in the next 2-3 months that having my preiod would totally ruin. So I need to know when it's coming so I can schedule around it.

I'll take a look into the Vitex. Thanks
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since you are trying not to get PG, have you thought about hormonal BC? That way you would know when it's coming, possible postpone it altogether for the occasion with something like seasonique? I'm not a fan of hormonal BC, but there are a few things that I would consider going on for a few months to plan around AF.

Other than that, I really think Vitex will disappoint. It can take months to build up in your system, and may not even work for you. Many swear by it, and it seems like it does bubkis for as many more.
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I'm concerned about the side effects of hormonal bc. I have high blood pressure, though thankfully it's under control now. I'm over 35, though I don't smoke. And I have severe anxiety and other mood issues. Last time I was on hormonal BC it turned me into a raging psycho. Though now I'm on a med that's helping a bit with that. So the side effects concern me, but I don't know, maybe I should think about it. Not like it needs to be forever. Just long enough to get me through this event.
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