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Awww. That's not stupid at all! You shouldn't have to put yourself through the stress and harassment by people because of your very valid choices!! I think that's a very good reason to keep it from them. You can tell them afterwards if you want. Or not. Your birth, your choice. Just do what's best for you.

Personally, I'm not having that problem, but I expected it from my dad. We're close, he's in the medical field and still seems surprised at how I'm a fully functional adult. I sent him an email about a week after I told him I was pregnant (because right away he asked about doctors and hospitals!) telling him that I've been researching this option for years and this is what I'm doing. I told him we're still going in for the occasional ultrasound with an OB and she'll tell us if something looks off and not safe for a homebirth. I told him how our midwives have been doing this at home for 14 years and will absolutely not do it if they deem something is off or unsafe. I was shocked by his response. He said that it sounds like I did my research and he supports me. SHOCKED! I think I was shaking when I hit send on that email.

We tell everyone else that asks or that is part of our life, because they know us and we both have very strong personalities and they know not to argue with us or tell us they don't support us. DW's mom about screamed when we told her and she started praying the rosary right in our living room! So she doesn't agree and is very scared but she knows better than to try and disuade us. We had even thought of her attending the birth because it's her only daughter's child that will be born, but no way can we have someone there who doesn't support it and is that worried.

Anyway- sorry to go on and on. I think that most people, no matter how old want their parent's approval or to be involved, but sometimes that's not possible if they are too far on the other side of the spectrum.
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This is my 3rd birth but my 1st HB and I am super excited. I am due Oct 1st, so I'm not really sure what due date club I really belong in...my 1st was punctual and my 2nd was 9 days early. For some reason I do see Sept 21st as the birth date. I have 7w left and I have good portion of stuff ready...I got my birthing kit in the mail and then bought some of the additional supplies I need. I need to get some newborn stuff down from the attic and all my pump and other newborn stuff back from my sister who had a baby in April. I have been pretty slack about my hypnobabies as I am only on week 2. However, I think oart of it is I did the hypnobabies with #2 so I haven't been as religious about it as I was with my son. I am hopeful it will be as great at reducing my labor and intensity this time as it was last time, so I better get on the ball...my first labor was 58 hours long which included 3 hours of pushing...my second was 15 hr with practically no pushing...he practically jumped right out of me...and has been running ever since. I'm hoping for a quick 6-8 hour labor with another speedy exit! I am dying to meet this little one and find out if I am having little boy or a little girl.
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My first was a home birth and I see no reason for this one to be different, although my midwives have hospital privileges so the hospital option is open to me. I've been thinking about doing a tour at the hospital just to get an idea of what it is like.

I'm not really excited about the birth. I didn't experience any "birth high" or warm fuzzy feelings last time. It took me a few weeks to bond with baby last time, too. I kind of just want to get it over with so I don't have to be pregnant any more. It's a terrible attitude, I know, but if this birth is like the previous one I'm just going to be in survival mode until baby is 3 months old.
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We're planning our second hb. My first I started with an OB for prenatal care and switched to a CNM practice at 30 weeks. This time I started with 2 CPMs so the care is a little more personal and relaxed though I have a very hard time getting things like Rhogam and now a physician to sign off of my job's paid maternity leave form. We haven't ordered anything yet. My plan is to get our birth kit and to test out our pool from last time (a la bassine) by the end of the month so we'll have time to replace or repair any issues before I'm 36 weeks along.
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Originally Posted by alexisfaye View Post
This is my third, my first homebirth, and I'm not telling my folks.

We're VERY close to them, but they have this no hospital = death mentality. I'm simply not willing to live through the next 12 weeks or so being harassed and abused by my parents.

Anyone else having this problem? Please note, I'll be 29 and I have a career, I'm married, and we're self-sufficient... It's not like I'm 17 and living at home...
I forgot to add that I haven't told my family about doing a HB this time around...I don't care to hear their BS...2 of my 3 sisters had c/s and I honestly believe my younger sister who just gave birth in April was lied to about her baby being breech...they thought I was crazy for going drug-free last time, they would roll their eyes at the idea of a HB...meanwhile I am really the one doing all the eye rolling at their ignorance. We have told friends and most seem sincere about their comments and we haven't been bombarded with any negativity...I'll leave that for my 3 sisters and my dad.
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Originally Posted by MaybeJ View Post
Pineapple Head - where did you rent your birth pool if you don't mind me asking? I see we're both in Toronto.
Im renting from Choices Childbirth They rent the mini and the regular sized birth pool in a box. They also sell them, I was thinking of buying one but we shall see how this goes first!

Yeah there doesnt seem to be many of us Toronto gals here! Im really hoping this heat and humidity break soon..my ankles are silly putty!
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I get a few "concerned" vibes from my dad and some of my in-laws, but for the most part people are very supportive. I just remind them that I live five minutes from a hospital.

In terms of being organized, I'm currently completely unprepared. I'm due at the end of the month, so I will be 30 wks on Tuesday. I think there is something about hitting that 30 week mark that makes me start to think seriously about labour and birth.

I will pick up a few supplies from the store near my house and will probably have to source out a few old towels and linens. My Midwife hasn't given me the list yet of everything I need. I like the idea of having a few more comforts around and I'm looking forward to making another "chill-out and breathe" playlist, getting candles, fragrant oil to make the room smell nice, etc. This is my second attempt at a hb. With my first, I ended up going to the hospital because my labour stalled, although ds was born within minutes of arriving. The ambulance ride (no sirens) was apparently what I needed. MW told me at the time that I am a good candidate for a hb with the second baby. Hope that proves to be true!

I won't be getting a pool, but will likely spend some time in a bath if my labour is appropriately paced, i.e. not too intense, too fast. I have been practicing my hypnobirthing breathing, listening to the birth affirmations, etc. I'm starting to get really excited.
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Originally Posted by Pineapple Head View Post
Im renting from Choices Childbirth They rent the mini and the regular sized birth pool in a box. They also sell them, I was thinking of buying one but we shall see how this goes first!

Yeah there doesnt seem to be many of us Toronto gals here! Im really hoping this heat and humidity break soon..my ankles are silly putty!
Thanks so much! That seems like a very affordable and convenient option!

About the heat/humidity, yeah we've certainly had a hot one! I've only become intolerant to it recently. I have the swelling ankles too, and I have to carry a dabbing cloth with me everywhere as just a quick walk can result in pools of sweat collecting wherever it is possible to collect...yuck. September will be here before we know it, though!
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This will be my 3rd baby, second homebirth. I am NOT looking forward to the pain- I had 7 hours of torturous pain with my last baby because his head was cockeyed, and therefore I had a cervical lip, with full dilation...for three hours! It was HORRIBLE! But my consolation is that I would have had a C had I been in a hospital. Hopefully this one will fly out pain free, lol.
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I am about to deliver at home for the 5th time. I always get scared because birth is intense, but i am excited because i get to meet a new baby. and i am scared because I too will be getting 2 kids to school, 1 dyslexic to homeschool, and a toddler to tend. Its always a roller coaster after the first.
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I ordered my birth kit last night and DH and I went this morning and got most of the other stuff we need. now all I need is 2 shower curtains, Gatorade and a stomach smoshy in thing. I can't believe I'm full term on Wednesday!
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we blew up the pool last night, i still need to get the hose and the sink attachment. it's wild to look at it sitting there, knowing that sooner than later this baby will be earthside!

i also need to grab some gatorade.
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Originally Posted by blue butterfly View Post
i also need to grab some gatorade.
I went and got that after I posted. Talking about it made me crave blue Gatorade. That's the only flavor I'll drink since they stopped making fierce melon.
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i love the purple, not the grape but the riptide rush. now i really want one
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we had our home visit yesterday and it went great, the anxiety seems to have somewhat subsided.

pool us blown up and airing out.

still need to get the hose, gatorade, install the carseat and pack a just in case of transfer bag.

soon ladies, very soon

how is everyone else doing?
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Originally Posted by blue butterfly View Post

how is everyone else doing?
I had my 36 week appt today and was pretty much assured that this kid would not come in the next week! Woo! I want to make it through football Sunday at least lol. I've been having tons of BH's though so they recommended a bath and glass of wine. I love midwives
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I'm only 32+3 weeks and measured today at 36 weeks. Hopefully that was just because of baby's position. Midwife isn't concerned. My BP was up a little. It's usually 120/70 and it was 120/80. I'm supposed to lay down twice a day for 1/2 hour and start acupunture so it doesn't keep creeping up. Oh well. I'm not worried about it. We have to buy our birth kit before our next appt in 3 weeks and get the tub bought or rented, like...now. It's all coming so quickly! And you all are closer than me!
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You should try out some plain coconut water instead of gatorade. I'm totally addicted to the stuff! Actually, stick with gatorade -- it's a LOT cheaper!

So the only things left to buy are a crib (we're going to do sidecarring this time so DS can stay in bed with me and the baby will be safe) and a net scoop thingy if I end up deciding to birth in the pool.

And as of Monday I will be officially on for a homebirth!
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