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Moving to New Haven, CT area...

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...and I'd like to find a pediatrician that is supportive of our choice not to vaccinate. We'll actually be living in Wolcott, CT, but I think that's in New Haven county. Oh they also have to take Medicaid! Does anyone know any good peds? TIA!
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Syd Spiesel in Woodbridge.
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(tried to find the taking notes smilie, but couldn't for some reason)

We're moving to New Haven also not this fall, but next.
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Thank you, mediumcrunch! I'll definitely look into her (him?)!
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p.s. i used to live in ct and worked at ynhh in their women's education dept.
i'm not just a texan giving random names
i always liked ray seligson too but i don't know his vacc policy.
hands down absolute fave doc in ct is marilyn smith in monroe but that is a bit of a drive especisally for cash strapped grad students ;-)
but if you have no other luck there is no better doc who respects parental choice and is just the kindest, gentlest, skilled pede around.
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Wolcott is actually kind of far from New Haven. Check out Prospect Family Medicine in Prospect. They are completely non-vax friendly. I think the two docotrs there now are Drew Edwards and Renika McLeod. When we started there we saw Donald Sampson, but he has since taken a long sabbatical to work in Africa.
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Probably quite a trek from your area, but Kendra Becker, APRN, ND (doctorate in naturopathy) in mystic, CT is very anti-vaccine friendly she is at coastal chiropractic and family wellness center. website if you'd like: www.fwcmystic.com
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Thanks, everyone! Wow I'm glad I posted on here, otherwise I'd be clueless who to call. I'll have to check out all of these peds, although the one in Mystic is an hour-and-a-half from Wolcott, so I don't really think I'd do that one.. naturopathy is certainly desirable, however. Ack!
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If you still looking for a pedi I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Lopusny of Preferred Pediatrics in Milford, CT. Website is http://preferredpediatricsofct.com/index.html

Just switched to this practice a few months ago and can't say enough nice things about her. Were in Norwalk but its well worth the 30 min drive!!

Honestly don't know her policy on No Vax but she is very supportive and encourages spacing out shots. I have a feeling she would be ok with it but not sure. Give them a call!
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