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Homebirth Mamas!

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Who plans to birth at home? We're planning our third home waterbirth, with the same lovely midwife who attended the birth of our two girls. We had a homebirth planned for our first baby, but (long story short) ended up in the hospital. I LOVE giving birth at home, and the warm water is such a great relaxer/pain reliever.
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I'm planning for my 1st homebirth. My first was a birth center then transfer to the hospital (but non emergent, not traumatic) the 2nd a perfect birth center water birth. I just feel like it would be way easier to do it at home this time. BUT I know DH, although he respects my decision and will be supportive, is a bit hesitant on homebirth. I think its more because of our animals and maybe he's concerned about mess. Or maybe its because I tend to be a freak when I know people are coming over. Like worrying that everything is clean enough, etc. I don't know. But the midwife I think we will be using also has a birth center- however I am PLANNING my 1st homebirth. :-)
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oh, oh, us too!! we want a home birth!! this is our first and i have (for a long, long time) felt very against hospital birth... it's just not for me. i would do a birthcenter birth if i had to, but i really like the idea of the comfort of home, ykwim?!

we were just watching a documentary last night called "The Business of Being Born". lots of great info about non-hospital birth... i'd really recommend watching it! you can watch instantly on Netflix...
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We're planning our second home waterbirth with the same midwife who was there for DS's birth. His birth was short and sweet, in a little second-floor apartment. I'm excited to be giving birth in a house we own this time, where be plan to live for a very very long time.
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I'll be doing my first semi-home birth! Our house is wayyyy out in the country and DH is uncomfortable being so far away from a hospital in case anything goes wrong, so we compromised. My M/W has a beautiful time share right next to a large hospital, hot tub and all, just for situations like mine I'm psyched! Anyone have any suggestions on favorite HB books?
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Not in your due date club but count me in! This is our first homebirth. The two previous births were in the hospital with a midwife, as nice as you can get in a hospital, drug free and all but we had to fight about everything with the staff.
We're very excited about this one. We found a lovely homebirth midwife. We're not telling a lot of people, though.
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Me! We'll be having our 4th homebirth! I've been waffling about whether or not to use the same MW we had for DD2 and DD3... nothing wrong with her, she's very skilled and hands-off, which I like. But she's not a very warm person, and even though I've known her through 2 pg's, I still feel like we're not really connected. But DH is not interested in changing, and I really like her assistant, who is also a young mom in our small community, so it will be fine.

I seem to be the only mama who has not had a waterbirth! The idea of a big tub in my home stresses me out enough to not want to bother. Always wondered if I would regret it if I ended up with back labor or a long labor, but so far it's been just fine. I like giving birth on firm ground!
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We're having our 4th planned home waterbirth with the same midwife who has attended our other 3 HBs.

Originally Posted by Nanette56 View Post
Anyone have any suggestions on favorite HB books?
I really like Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. The birth stories at the end are very empowering and encouraging.
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I loved Peggy Vincent's book, Babycatcher. It does have some harrowing birth stories in it, but mostly joyful ones. It's not so much a homebirth manual as it is one midwife's story, but I loved reading about homebirth from her point of view. OK, I'm sitting her tearing up as I think about this book. Must be time to read it again! I read it during my pregnancies with both dds.

donutmolly, you could always just get in a warm bathtub for labor and give birth on dry land. When I had my ds in the hospital, a warm shower right on my belly really helped. Then they made me get in bed and stay on the stupid monitor.

Nanette-that sounds like a perfect solution! We have friends who gave birth at our midwife's former office, which was actually in a house and very comfy.

Starcat, wehrli, mandala, yay for first time homebirths!

Quiver--I'm going to read Ina May's book this time. I absolutely love Spiritual Midwifery. I've read it with each pregnancy.

Sihaya--yay for HB in your own home!
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I love those books as well. I can't find my copy of Ina's book anywhere- I was going to let a friend borrow it- need to look harder. But I did find babycatcher. I'm going to re-read it for sure!
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I'm planning a hospital birth this time because we have no birth centers and my insurance won't cover a homebirth, but my last was a beautiful homebirth/waterbirth. I'm hoping to prove that I can have just as beautiful an experience in the hospital this time, although not likely. I have fantasies of an "unplanned" (but not really unplanned) UC.
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Originally Posted by Maine Mama Doula View Post
I have fantasies of an "unplanned" (but not really unplanned) UC.
Me too!
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We are planning our first homebirth!! We had a very uneventful, intervention-free (dare I say easy) labor and delivery at a hospital with a midwife for my DD's birth, but I really want to just stay at home this time. With DD I labored at home for over 20 hours before going to the hospital; DD was born less than 2 hours after we got there. My fondest memories of her birth are the ones of DH and I just relaxing at home. I am going to start call local midwives next week to start setting up interviews. I really want a waterbirth this time
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This will be my third homebirth/waterbirth. My midwife referred to me as a frequent flyer. LOL
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We are planning our 2nd homebirth with the same midwife.
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planning on having our 2nd homebirth, 3rd child!

1st was in a hospital in Las Vegas....oooh, what a bad experience
2nd was homebirth at in-laws home, just cause it was closer to the hospital.
hopefully #3 will be at our house, but we're way out in the boonies. Can't wait!
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I am planning to have another home/waterbirth like with my first two. I love it! I can't wait to start hanging out with my midwives again
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I'll probably be posting more about this...but we're sort of hung up between a hospital VBAC and an HBAC. The hospital truly is a good option for a hospital...but the back of my head I wonder, I do not want a 2nd c/s to learn to stay at home...then on the flip side, I wonder in the back of my head if HB is right for us this time.

I'll get there...
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Third baby and second home birth.... ( first was a routine hospital birth) Tried water birth but I couldn't push in the tub so ended up delivering on a birthing stool. Loved having it at home though.
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Homebirth for me too. I am so excited. I am meeting with a midwife next weekend. DH was a hospital birth, and not a horrible story, but I would rather stay at home this time.

A question for those who have done a homebirth already - the midwife does not to that image ultrasound where you can see the baby's sex (10 weeks?), is it possible to just schedule my own - I really want to know the sex of the baby. Insurance does cover it (not the homebirth, but the ultrasound).
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