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Moving to Bellevue, NE

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and looking for a non vax tolerant pediatrician. Any recommendations?
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He is a family practice doc but he is awesome Dr. Brian Finley <402-595-2275>
Office right off highway 370 which is super easy to get to no matter where you live in Bellevue
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Thanks so much!!!
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We see Dr. Lisa Whitcomb, but she'd be a drive for you. She's out at 176th and Q, but I'd drive anywhere to see her! Some of my friends see Dr. Erin Loueck and she's in Dundee I think, both w/ Methodist.
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I second Dr. Loucks in Dundee. That is who my kids see.
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My daughter also sees Dr. Loucks. She is in Dundee and associated with Childrens Hospital. She promotes vaccinations, but she doesnt force you to get them. Atleast thats my experience so far (my daughter is only 5 months old)
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