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Labor- maybe?

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I started having pretty good contractions while watching a movie last night. (Pirate Radio was great, btw!) Went to bed and had them on and off all night- woke this morning to a severe backache, got up and walked, decided to make a peach pie, and now they're pretty mellow. I still have a slight backache, but the contractions don't hurt at all.
Any suggestions on ways to keep this going? I'm 40 weeks on Sunday and I want to meet this kid! DH and I have been lovemaking frequently, and I plan on a long walk with my dog today. I don't have any evening primrose or castor oil, but I do need to go to the co-op today so I could get some.
Spicy food is kind of out as it gives me instant and viscous heartburn.
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Cook with Basil and oregano. Nipple stimulation. Prayer...and baby coaxing. Relax let the baby know it is time and you are ready. Walk on a curb...one foot on the curb one foot in the gutter. Do the twist/belly rotations. Just some things I have heard. Good luck.
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And keep moving... walking, dancing, whatever! Maybe drink some strong red raspberry leaf tea to help settle things in a pattern, or just for the sheer enjoyment of it! Good luck!
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Sounds like me the last couple of nights. They start up every night and then just turn to cramps and discomfort/back pain mostly during the day. I hope it doesn't last too long for you!
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