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Well I have my GBS test on Monday, and I'm highly nervous.

My mother has an anaphylactic reaction to penicillin (3 weeks in ICU), I have an allergy to penicillin, and one of my 2 children has an ana reaction to penicillin (bad reaction and swelling such that blood comes from the eyes - no good). They stopped giving me penicillin as a child when I developed a full body rash in minutes after taking it. I've never tried to take it again, or one of its relatives. I was told that penicillin allergies were not inherited, but I'm not entirely certain I believe that at this point.

So I am really praying that the GBS test comes back negative or that I don't go into labor before it comes back. I've been taking my probiotics and vitamin C starting yesterday when I could actually keep pills down. I know that if I do go into labor early that I will have a very uphill battle trying to not get IV ABX, even an alternate.