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Do you do anything special for Rosh Chodesh?
It is OUR holiday, so I was wondering what other women do to celebrate.
This month we are having a womens drum circle . I am really looking forward to it.
So...what about you?
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I don't do anything yet. Our shul has a women's rosh chodesh group (and a co-ed morning minyan). I haven't made it to either. The rosh chodesh group keeps ending up during work hours. Plus I'm really shy...
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I don't do anything in particular. I don't do laundry - as women get a break on Rosh Chodesh. I try to dress more nicely.
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I don't do this, but my mother has a special set of earrings and a pin that she wears for Rosh Chodesh - a moon and stars. She enjoys having a special piece of jewelry just for this (My grandmother OBM had given her $ for jewelry years ago, so we was really touched that this is what my mom decided to get for herself).
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Hey, mamas. Long time no see. Yes, I know that's all my fault.

It's been quite a year. We started looking for a new, larger house in a better school district back in November, and we finally found one in June. We are moved in now, and are in the process of selling the old house. We got an offer after one day on the market, and we hope it goes through.

DS started walking last year at one and a half, very late! I'd been thinking that I might wait until 3 to cut his hair, but it was just getting too tangled to deal with it any longer. I have a tzitzit katan for him, but I don't really know anything about it except that he gets to wear it when he's 3 (later this year).

We are taking the girls out of Jewish school and putting them in public (hence the need for a better school district). The cost was increasingly prohibitive, and we are not happy about it, but we can live with it. They will need to start Sunday School this year, and DD1 will also have Tuesday School.

DS just woke up. GTG. I'll try not to be such a stranger!
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mamas, is this where we are hanging these days?  haven't been aroudn in a while...

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 Check in the Finding Your Tribe forum - I think that is where everyone is smile.gif

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