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How to make ribbon sticks?

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I want to make ribbon sticks for my daughter, but I'm not sure the best way. Something like an eye screw thing on the end of a dowel, and then maybe a keychain ring thing on that, and tie the ribbon to the ring? Or is there a better way to get the ribbon to be able to move and swivel freely?
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I have these on my to make list too. The ones at our local library are made with fishing tackle bits. Not being a fishing person, I could never tell you the names of the bits, but the ribbons are tied on to the little metal thing that looks a bit like a safety pin but swivels. I can't exactly picture what is directly affixed to the stick, but it is made from the same bronze coloured metal as the other bit, so I assume they're from the same source. Anyway, that's probably not that helpful, but check out the fishing section of your hardware store. You might find something smaller than a keychain and eye hook in those little bins.
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Thank you sooo much for the fishing tackle idea! We went to a fishing store today and got something similar to what you described. Here's what we did: Screwed an eye screw into the end of a dowel (I think they're called eye screws, or something like that) and then a thing like a key chain ring but little and really thin, and then a swivel something or other from the fishing store. Then I just tied the ribbon onto the swivel thing. I don't know if that makes any sense, but thanks and they came out awesome!
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That sounds wonderful....would you mind posting a picture of this....I would love to try and make one!
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I've been looking for some instructions on this forever! I have bought the girls several sets of plastic ribbon twirlers from the $Tree... but they keep getting destroyed because they are so cheaply made. I would like to incorporate ribbon twirling into our daily exercise routines, but we need some good quality ribbon twirlers first.

I'd love to see a pic of one that someone has made!
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I've just seen this, and took pictures of the ribbon sticks, but Photobucket is not working or something. How else can I get photos up on here?
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