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dairy free infant probiotics

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Anyone know of any?

I checked whole foods and they all said "may contain dairy"

I asked the girl working that department and she said that they all say that, but that probably they're fine.

My dd doesn't have horrible reactions when I eat dairy, she can handle the occasional sprinkle of cheese or hidden dairy, etc. But I still feel that putting something with dairy in her tummy when I'm trying to use probiotics to HELP her stomach isn't bright.

Any ideas?
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We use Klaire labs infant probiotics - dairy free.

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I second the Klaire labs Infant Probiotic. They are our go-to due to serious food/proteinintolerances with DS.
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Have you looked into Custom Probiotics?
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I second the idea of Custom.

Also, my daughter is sensitive to dairy (fever with cow products) but does fine with VSL, which has trace dairy in it.
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Also I think there is a Culturelle product that is dairy free.
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How does one buy from Klaire without a prescription? While I'm sure I could get one from my doc, I'd like to order before that.
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We buy our Klaire Labs probiotics via Amazon or at our doctor's office. There are a couple vendors on Amazon that carry Klaire labs.
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