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Moving to Burlington Looking for mama friends

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My family is moving to Burlington at the end of the month. This is going to be a really big transition for our three children ( and us too) as currently we are living in the quiet Northeast Kingdom.

So I am hoping to maybe meet up with some like minded mamas and their kiddos to ease the transition and hopefully make some new friends, find out some places to bring the kids in the area and also looking for a Naturopath .

Thanks so so much!

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Church Street is fun to play on and great for people watching, Waterfront Park is fantastic for a picnic and some good running around, ECHO is super fun and I highly recommend getting a season's pass, the children's section of the Fletcher Free library is great (and quite large), Centennial Woods is a fabulous place to hike that is still pretty much right in Burlington, as is the Intervale (both are VERY wooded and beautiful), and the bike path is super long, follows the lake and is pretty much perfect for a family ride or walk. It can get a little busy on the weekends, but if you stay to one side, you should be just fine.

How old are your kiddos? I have more ideas, but it really depends on how old your kids are and what they are interested in. Hope you love Burlington as much as we do! I actually live on the outskirts and am hoping to move closer to the center of town soon.
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My kiddos are 8,5 and 2 we homeschool as well ( though depending on finances we may have to send the kids to school )
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Oops, I originially wrote that post and then re-wrote it without deleting the first attempt. I edited it to make a bit more sense...
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Oh it made sense fine
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I'll be your friend I live in the South End near Oakledge Park. I have a 2yr old & 1 due in Nov.

My midwife is also a Naturopath. pm me if you want info
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We are about an hour south of Burlington and have 2 6 y/o girls and a 2 y/o boy... we do come up to the area every few weeks or so, and maybe we'll get to meet up at a homeschooling event sometime! Good luck with the move!
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thanks! A meet up would be great
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Feel free to come to LLL meetings too. We have a Nursing Beyond a Year meeting as well. It is a great place to meet like minded mamas.
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thanks snowgirl!
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Hi Kelly!
I would love to connect with you as well! We moved from Atlanta in January with our two kids, ages 5 (girl) and almost 7 (boy) and I have been trying to connect with other holistic mamas here. . I am thinking of possibly having a third...but we will see! We live in South Burlington just a couple minutes from downtown. We have considered homeschooling, but decided to try a holistic school in shelburne this Fall.

I am looking for a naturopath as well, as we had an amazing one in Georgia that practiced NAET. There is one in Shelburne - Bill Warnock seems good but I haven't been to see him yet. There are also several homeopaths that do classical homeopathy here. I did find a pediatrician though in Shelburne that is completely fine with no vax, if you want her name too.

So you are moving at the end of the month to downtown?

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Also, this, http://www.lakechamplainwaldorfschoo...er_playgroups/
I am doing the Thursday toddler one with my son.
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I wanted to second LLL meetings as a way of meeting people. We like Dr. Sam Russo as a naturopath. Bonus with him is that our insurance covers our appointments and medical tests. He is an MD that also trained as a naturopath.
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What are LLL meetings, and where are they held?
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We are going to miss you here in the east. Hugs and strength for the move.
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Originally Posted by mom_to_ben5 View Post
What are LLL meetings, and where are they held?
LLL = La Leche League. They are a bfing support group. Great place to meet mamas. According to the website the meet at the Fletcher Free Library in Burlington on the second Wed of the month at 9:30 am.
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I wanna be friends too!! I really love it here, but we moved from Cincinnati in mid-July where there was a great AP play/support group that I'm really missing. I have a 14yr, 9yr, and 19mo old.

Maybe we should plan to meet at a park sometime while it's still nice out...
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I think a meet up would be great as I do not have any mama friends in the area! We will be officially moved in Septeber 1st so anytime after that would be perfect for me.
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Oh and a question does anyone know anything about local public schools in the area? Which is the best choice. We may have to send the children there and I would like to know which is best in the area.
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We just went through all of this.. and since I my kids pretty much span all age groups, we were looking at elementary thru high school.

Essex schools are very good. They've got a huge ice hockey rink, swimming pool.. plus their arts dep't isn't too shabby. My husband graduated from there and was very involved in music and theater. The schools are very welcoming and probably the most diverse in the area, due to the presence of IBM in town. They are very traditionally run, but great nonetheless.

The district that encompasses the CVU high school catchement area (Williston, Hinesburg, Shelburne, Charlotte) was what we went with in the long run. The elementary/middle schools are kind of a hybrid b/w traditional and montessori in that there is a lot of grade blending. It works on a "house" system rather than "grade". Each house encompasses 2 or 3 grades. The kids are given a lot of independence, but also have a lot expected of them. The high school is run almost like a college. The kids can come and go. They have some great atheletics, but are mostly known for their arts programs.. (my husband always wanted to go there

We looked at South Burlington, but found it to be really depressing. The high school has a security guard station positioned immediately in front of the front doors. It reminded me of Flobbertown, for anyone familiar with the Dr. Seuss book. They do have an incredible technical dep't. Their hs computer science classes are like college level classes. We just didn't think it was worth the dreariness..

The Burlington City schools are not known for being great, so we didn't look there. They've got a great school lunch program that I read about, if only they could eat lunch all day .... Maybe someone else here has personal experience with those schools.

Richmond is also supposed to be great, but that was further out than we wanted to go. My sister-in-law has kids in Colchester, and hates it..

Hope that helps! PM me when you are moved. I'd love to get together!!
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