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Best resources for accidental UC?

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Due to one thing and another, I may be transferring care to a hospital which is 1.5-2.5 hours from home. I live on an island, and the travel time depends on ferry schedules, and/or a possible water taxi in the middle of the night. My mother's second labor was about 2 hours long from when she knew she was in labor until birth, and, like her, my first was an induction for post-dates (though my induction took a lot longer than hers did). If things go quickly, it is entirely possible that we won't make it to the hospital in time.

I've told DH that, if we go with this plan, he needs to read up on emergency childbirth. I will, too, but I think I need someone else with me who has somewhat of a clue what's going on.

What are your favorite resources, in print and online, for getting a slightly nervous husband (and yourself) up to speed on the nuts and bolts of childbirth?

Also, what extras should we put into the hospital bag? Clean towels and receiving blankets and.... What else?
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The absolute minimum you need is something to wrap the baby in when it is delivered - a couple of towels to dry off and a warm blanket to wrap in, though skin to skin with momma and blanket over would be best, IMO. You can go as far as researching what herbs to have on hand, what to tie the cord with and so on but it is not necessarily needed. If you are on the way to the hospital when the baby is born, don't even worry about cutting the cord, baby and placenta can stay attached for a very long time (look up lotus birth).

Also, you might check on the policy of the hospital for babies born outside of the hospital. Many require them to be admitted to pediatrics rather than the regular newborn nursery - just something you will want to check out ahead of time.

No real help on resources but there are so many out there. Wish you well.
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I'd get a copy of emergency childbirth by gregory white and like PP said towels and a warm blanket. and something to drink..
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Thanks for the replies. I saw the Emergency Childbirth book on Amazon, but couldn't tell from the reviews whether it would be worth it or not.

I'll pack towels, blankets, and yes, something to drink would be a good idea, too. I'm thinking maybe also something to catch the placenta, just in case.
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I got it from the library and scanned it.. i just couldn't afford to buy it.

I would think an old towel/receiving blanket to catch the placenta would be ok? I have a sherbert container that i washed out to put it in. but wouldn't want to bring that on a bus/train or whatever it is you'll be on.
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Assuming I go this way, I'll be:
1. In a car
2. On medium sized ferry boat or small water taxi, depending on time of day.
3. In taxi or ambulance, depending on how far along things are at that point.

I am getting stressed out just thinking about the trip... I am still working on plans. I would love to do a homebirth, but no homebirth midwives here and DH and family would be completely against it, never mind a deliberate UC. Anyway, we'll see what happens.
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Um, has the previa cleared up?

If so, these ladies are all pointing you in the right directions.

If NOT, getting on a ferry or a water taxi while having contractions would be a fantastic way to bleed to death on a boat. If you go into labor before you confirm that the placenta is clear of the cervix, you should call an ambulance. This is what Medevac helicopters are *for*.
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Your story is similar to mine. I also live on an island. It has a hospital now but not when I had my first child. When my mother was having her kids there were homes we lived in that were accessable only by ferry as well. She had all of her babies in less than two hours. It took me 29 and 42 hours respectively, though. So, maybe your baby will take longer than your mom's.
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aikigypsy, what is going on with the placenta?

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I don't know what's going on with the placenta yet, but I have a strong gut feeling that it will move, and I keep hearing more and more stories of placentas "clearing" at 36 weeks. Although I'm optimistic, I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket. If it's still solidly complete at 34 and 37 weeks, I go in for a c-section, and may be camping out (renting an apartment) off-island in case of preterm labor.

I feel like i need to be prepared for the better-case scenario, too, as well as the dreaded surgical birth. If the placenta is very low-lying (marginal or less than 1 cm from the os) at 37 weeks, I don't know what I'll do. It would be a hard decision at that point, knowing that I could probably have a vaginal birth in a few weeks' time, but also that the chance of going into labor in a dangerous placental configuration is getting more real. With a placenta 1-2 cm from the os, I would be looking for a provider who could do a hospital birth and monitor bleeding, switching to a c-section if bleeding got crazy. But, if that would mean living away from home for another month, I don't quite know how we'd manage it, as a family.

As for labor times, who knows, but again, I can hope!
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It sounds like a difficult situation.

I hope it all goes well for you. I do know what it feels like to face a medical birth after planning the opposite. It is hard. You will find support either way.
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I believe that a copy of emergency childbirth is located in the sticky at the top which you can download for free in PDF
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Originally Posted by basje View Post
I believe that a copy of emergency childbirth is located in the sticky at the top which you can download for free in PDF
Thanks! I hadn't combed through the whole thread before because it was long and many of the links were old, but I found it and downloaded it just now. Will print it out for me and DH to read.
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