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I'm a Psychology major with a minor in Communicative Disorders. I graduate in May and will then start my Masters in Speech Language Pathology.

I'm taking 17 hours.

Science and the Modern World (a philosophy course)
Research Methods (a psychology course that includes a Writing Lab)
Intro to Communicative Disorders
Speech and Hearing Sciences I
A & P of Speech and Hearing
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Art for Elementary Schools
Development andLearning through Play with practicuum
Concepts and Methods of Elementary School Math
Community, School, and Family Connections
Screening, Diagnosing and Prescribing Instruction
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Human Development and Learning (which includes some field experience)
Math for Elementary Teachers
Introductory Logic
Statistics Force Human Judgment
The Family

15 credit hours plus the field experience.
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It all depends on how my childcare situation works out, but
Cell Biology for health professionals
Diversity in the US
Human development
Careers for healthcare professionals

Last term i took 2 classes, so I'm still trying to decide if I can handle 4.
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I am taking:

Child Development and Guidance
Teaching Young Children
Curriculum of the Young Child
Child Growth and Development
Programs for School Age Children

I can't wait for Fall session to start!!!
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Neat thread!

I am graduating at the end of this semester, so... lighter load than usual.

Readings in Religious Studies: American Spirituality
Feminist Theory
Culminating Project (sort of what it sounds like, a semester-long research project; now if only I could decide what I am going to research! )
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Health care ethics
calculus i
intro to treatment plan i
anatomy for rad oncology
intro to medical dosimetry
radiation safty & protection
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Psychology of Motivation
Technical and Professional Writing
Math 99
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Adult Nursing I + lab

16 credit hours, plus 16 hours/week of clinicals
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The Fall line up

Couple and Marital Therapy
human Sexuality

wrapping up Psychopathology Diagnosis and Treatment
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Fall 2010:

Body Functioning I
Therapeutic Relationships
Self-Healing Practices
English 111/Communications (irked that I have to take this, I already have 1st year English credits for Eng101)
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I just found out today that I've been approved for my field experience--the last class in my teacher licensure program. I'm also teaching 2 Middle School classes (French) each day.

Then my mat leave's up for my graduate program and I will really have to get back to writing.
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I'm taking:
CNA course
A&P 1
Psych 102
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All the classes I wanted were full, so I will be taking

Whaw, whaw, whaw, whawwww

Hopefully next quater I will get into the classes I want, or maybe my waitlist spots will pull through.
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i am taking some fun classes this term

History of World Civilization 1500 to present (i am only taking this because of the proff)
Chemistry (blah)
Spanish - first semester - really excited about this because i am doing a field school in archaeology in january in Mexico
world archeology (finishing it off)
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LizzyQ, I didn't realize you were taking so many classes this Fall! Are they low credit classes?

I'm taking:

Medical Surgical Nursing (7 credits..ugh)
Health Assessment
Nursing Research
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I got really sick in the spring, so I ended up with a bunch of incompletes I am finishing. The incompletes to finish this semester:

Oceanography (just need to study and take final)
Sustainable Communities

I am also taking Beginning Judo. I needed 1 hour actually on the books in order to keep my job as a student worker.
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This is my first semester back after having the babe! I'm so excited!

I am taking:

Electric/Acoustic Composition
Concert Attendance
Jazz Piano private lessons

And I'll also probably be playing in a jazz combo.

total 9.5 credits
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Anatomy & Physiology II
Math 136 (college algebra)
Psych 101 (cakewalk!)

Those are the last of my pre-reqs before clinicals. (I'm trying to become an RN.)
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Wow! Lots of nurses!

I am taking:

Cultural Anthropology

Compared to last semester (17 credits of all math/science), this should be a relaxing 13 credit excursion.

DH is starting college for the first time this semester, so we will be busy!
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