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Originally Posted by gypsymama2008 View Post

This Film is not yet Rated is about the MPAA rating system and how arbitrary it is. Very fascinating. (Warning: this film does show cut scenes from R rated movies so you probably at the very least want to watch it first before letting a child see it.

Those are my favorites that I can remember right now.

Another good one! I learned a lot that I didn't know from that one.
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Sorry for serial posting, but my original post got lost when my browser crashed, and I keep remembering ones I had on the list. Anyway, just wanted to add Trouble the Water. It's about a couple's struggle to survive Hurricane Katrina and how they try to get back on their feet afterwards. It starts out with their home footage before and during the hurricane, and then they run into some documentarians during the aftermath, and it goes from there. It's so amazingly good.
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Fat Head is one of my favorites.
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ohh, so happy I saw this thread. I used to be a big indie film and doc-buff, I took film studies every year in highschool, graduated with the top mark in the class, wanted to be in the industry, but I need a 9-5 with my LO now lol I got some great ones to check out though

I second, third, forth w/e food inc,

also superhigh me was a good one, he's a bit of a doink but its funny.

The Cove looks great, havent seen it yet.

Touching The void is the most AMAZING story of human drive, it will always stick with me

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, the BEST cannabis doc Ive ever seen, this is a must watch!

What Babies Want I watched it while I was pregnant and found it empowering

The Incredible Human Journey, the story of how humans populated the world and why people look the way they do, so educational, I learned alot, We are all children of africa

its all i can remember now, hope you enjoy my additions
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Good Hair by Chris Rock

DH and I were stuck to the screen.
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Ken Burns' Civil War series. A classic.
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I second Born Into Brothels.

I also suggest Under Our Skin (it's about Lyme Disease).
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8: The Mormon Proposition

And one I really want to see is called Sons of Perdition:
(Oprah bought the rights to it and will show it on TV next year)

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Originally Posted by Turquesa View Post
Ken Burns' Civil War series. A classic.
Anything by Ken Burns really...he's a master.

I also liked Good Hair by Chris Rock. I forgot about that one!
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Has anyone seen Twilight in Forks? I've not seen it yet, but want to! Guilty pleasure. Twilight is so out of my normal genre, but I love Twilight and Eclipse and New Moon is OK. Really looking forward to seeing the documentary about the real town which was the setting in the movies.

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Given this is MDC, I'm surprised there haven't been more mentions of The Business of Being Born by Ricki Lake.

I really liked it, and thought the "surprise" twist ending made it very real and very compassionate about all birth experiences and outcomes.

I give it two thumbs up and recommend to anyone interested in birth and the politics of birth.
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East of Havana, which is about hip hop culture in Cuba but gives insights into life in Cuba in a broader sense as well
Buena Vista Social Club, which is about amazing son musicians
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just watched born into brothels, shocking but the children had such lovely vibrant personalities
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everything I was going to name is already here except Blue Gold.

blue gold was good... pissed me off though hehe

oooh, I should add, I liked The Beautiful truth as well.
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Originally Posted by treeoflife3 View Post
blue gold was good... pissed me off though hehe
Me too! That was a very eye opening doc and totally changed the way I think about water.
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Paradise Lost-about the West Memphis Three
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Love this thread! Some of my favs that I didn't see posted...

No Impact Man
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For The Bible Tells Me So
Middle Sexes
12 & Delaware
No Impact Man
Jesus Camp
Life & Times of Harvey Milk
Word Wars
Chris & Don: A Love Story
Autism: The Musical

Others I have out from the library or have been meanig to watch/heard was good:
Born Into Brothels
Gay Republicans
Our Daily Bread
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I haven't seen it mentioned yet, so let me recommend SOUND AND FURY. It's about two deaf couples trying to figure out whether to get their children cochlear implants.

The rub is this . . . cochlear implants usually allow children to hear, but the kids who get them often leave the deaf community for the hearing world.

I won't tell you what the couples decide.
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I've seen several of the documentaries mentioned. One that wasn't that I really enjoyed was Flow: for the love of water. It's really eye opening.

I also liked 10 Questions for the Dali Lama
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