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Anyone else feel like baby is in their butt?

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Last night I started feeling like my lower back/butt area had pressure..and sure enough I got up to go pee (you know..for like the 10th time) and I felt like the baby dropped over night and she is just hangin out in my butt!!

Anyone else feel like they might poop out a baby ?
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Not yet!
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Not yet! I will be SO very happy when/if that happens (at least for the first day!) because that means baby isn't still footling breech!
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I had a few days the week before last where the baby felt very, very low. But, I rested a lot and the baby moved up/my muscles recovered and pulled up. I feel much better now. I was concerned about the baby being early, honestly!
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Hah, it's funny you mentioned this. All of a sudden today I have HORRIBLE hemorrhoids out of the blue and the baby feels really low. I feel a lot of pressure in my cervix and butt. It's not comfortable. It feels like I have to poop all the time. I'm thinking it's possible the baby dropped and the pressure is causing the hemorrhoids. I guess I can breathe a little easier too.
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My butt LOOKS a lot more pregnant than my belly! Does that count? This little guy is still spinning around a few times a day, so yes, there are times when I feel him pushing down. Then he'll go back to laying transverse for a while. I'll just be glad when he goes head down and stays that way.
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Not really feeling like the baby is in my butt, but when I have BH they are starting to feel like they are seizing up around that area instead of just my uterus, which is for me what real labor felt like with DD.
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Yup, cervical and tail pressure going on here. Has been for at least 2 weeks.

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Yup... Massive pressure here.
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No pressure, and he still moves a couple times a day, but for the last 20 minutes he has been head down and hiccuping. Not an unusual feeling, because he has had the hiccups in this position before, but he is so big now and they are definitely more intense!
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i felt like that last week but not this week. more cervical pressure and hip pain now.. not sure what thats about.. everything hurts though, i just want to get a couple more weeks under my belt so i can not constantly feel like i'm gong to overdo it and go into labor .. i'm sure i'll probably go to 40-41 weeks at least but i still worry at this stage.. (34 wks 4 days)
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I'm just 35 weeks and I've had this for the last 2 or so weeks, along with endless BH contractions that scare me into thinking this baby will be early! No cervix changes though....so I think I'm okay. But its intense!!!
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This baby does feel very low but I feel it in my bottom today when I have contractions. Like it's trying to come out!! Tons of pressure.
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Just today I'm feeling that way! Having more BH contractions than I've ever had (haven't had any in several hours now though!) and it feel like he's trying to make me poop!! Not exactly comfortable...
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Do punches to the intestines count? I swear, they're strong enough to make me actually gasp sometimes...

(Also, in the TMI category, it totally feels like baby's squeezing my intestines like a tube of toothpaste! Seriously, having to poop four times before 9am is excessive...)
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