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•Pregnant With Multiples • August/September Chat•

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Pregnant with Multiples Chat
August / September!

Here is list of all our growing and born multiples, and of course we invite all the BTDT moms to chime in whenever they fell like being helpful!
Most of us chat in our various DDCs, but this thread gives a chance to band together in the special ins and outs of growing more than one!

Anyway, please add yourself or update things as you know them.

Let us know any of the following and more, welcome!!

Name? (if you feel like it)
You and maybe your partners age at the birth?
Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?
What number of kids will is be for you?
Genders? Will you be finding out?
EDD and or planned birth timing?
State you live in?
Anything else you want to share?

Pregnant Multiple Mommies!


Queenofchaos Babies Born 7/2/10 ... 7th & 8th Children
BirthStory: Our two peas in a pod!


Chabela_t Isabel EDD 9/2 ... 2nd & 3rd Children
Di/Di ... Age at birth 27, DH 34 ... Location FL

susan13 EDD 10/11 ... 2nd & 3rd Children
Di/Di ... Age at birth 37, DH 42 ... Location IL

mauri456 Sara EDD 10/18 ... 2nd & 3rd Children & keeping it that way
Di/Di probably, with possible fused placenta ... Location VA

medicinemansgirl EDD 10/28 ... 9th & 10th Children
Di/Di, her second set!

lindsay t EDD 10/29 ... 2nd & 3rd ... & keeping it that way
Di/Di ... Age at birth 32, 38 ... Location OH

SashaBreeze Sasha EDD 11/17 ... 6th & 7th Children
Age at birth 32

butterflies Amy EDD 11/27 ... 3rd & 4th Children

KellyTTC#1 Kelly EDD 11/30 ... 1st & 2nd children
Di/Di ... Age at birth 33, DH 40 ... Location Ontario, Canada

annettemarie Annette EDD 12/6 ... 5th & 6th Children
Di/Di ... Age 38 at birth ... Location PA

aurinia Allison EDD 12/15 ... 3rd & 4th Children personally 1st & 2nd with DH
Age at birth 34 ... Location NY

turnquia Amanda EDD 12/17 ... 3rd & 4th Children
Di/Di ... Age at birth 25, DH 26

rachel7628 EDD 12/31 ... 2nd & 3rd Children
Di/Di ... Age at birth 35, DH 32 ... Location UT

NP2B Rikki EDD 1/?? ... 2nd & 3rd Children

Marisgirl EDD 1/6/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children

•Adorkable• EDD 1/24/11 ... 1st & 2nd Children
Di/Di ... Age at birth 36, DH 40

abeecharmer Sarah & Pregnant Partner EDD 2/4/11 2nd & 3rd Children

Coco99 & Pregnant Partner EDD 2/14/11 ... 1st & 2nd Children
Di/Di Possibly MZ? time will tell ... Age at birth 34 & 33

Chula13 Delma EDD 2/14/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children (5th&6th for DH)
Age at Birth 31, DH 40 ... Location NV

Strong Mama EDD 2/??/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children
Age at Birth 35?

ladydodson Becky EDD 3/7/11 ... 4th & 5th Children
Di/Di ... Age at Birth 35, DH 34 ... Location CA

elf EDD 4/?? ... 2nd & 3rd Children
Di/Di ... Age at birth ??

babygrey EDD 4/15/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children
Di/Di ... Age at birth 30, DH 30 ... Location UT

Liora EDD 4/19/11 ... 2nd & 3rd Children
Di/Di ... Age at birth 35, DH 36 ... Location OH
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Welcome to august ladies, if I have missed adding anyone or there is any updates to your info, please let me know, happy to add them!

I'm doing good, my belly is finally popping put and that makes me happy!
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Signing up. I didn't even realize it was a monthly thing, LOL!
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Wow! There is only one lady ahead of me on the due dates!

I am 30 weeks on Monday which is crazy. A coworker of mine said today, you could have your babies in five weeks and they may be able to go straight home with you. That just was mind boggling to hear!!

I am hanging in there. I feel big but know I'm going to very soon experience a whole new big!! I'm still working and living life normally which I am quite grateful for!!

Babies are growing well...last week were 3 lbs 6 oz and 3 lbs 3 oz on a growth scan
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it didn't really need to be a monthly thing but i thought some folks get lost in the very long threads, so this gives a chance to all check in again. the passing of months seems so poignant in pregnancy
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Subbing in over here Not a whole lot going on here.
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If my babies are mono di does that mean I can't have a homebirth?

I don't know for sure yet but I want to be prepared if that's a possibility.
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Can you update mine that we're having two boys (di-di)? Thanks!

Hope everyone is doing well...nothing new to report here. Had a little bit of a growth spurt and am feeling the babies constantly now, but still don't feel too huge yet. Its coming, I know. LOL
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Originally Posted by Chula13 View Post
I don't know for sure yet but I want to be prepared if that's a possibility.
About the monochorion, I'm don't know a lot of details, but I would think that if there was a strong reason ageist homebirth it would be about the shared placenta.
Originally Posted by aurinia View Post
Can you update mine that we're having two boys (di-di)?
Updated, congrats on the bundle of boys!
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Thank you! I now feel like a complete and total newbie in every single way, since on top of it being twins, I've never had boys before!
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Just checking in.

Same ol' same ol' here, spending my days trying to fight "the man" over my boys birth. But other than that it has been a very pleasant pregnancy so far with only a few minor "what the heck is that?" type of moments.
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Chula13- About homebirth and twins.... this is what I've been told from my OB and several midwives I've interviewed.

If they are mono-amnion (Same sac) a homebirth is definately out for most providers. I even think vaginal birth is quite a bit risky where many OB's won't attempt. They schedule a C-section and quite early sometimes.
For a mono-chorion (same placenta) Some wont do a homebirth because of risk of placenta shutting down after first baby is born and beginning to detatch prior to 2nd babes arrival. That was my understanding, when I spoke to OB about it. That he felt this kind was safe in hospital setting.
If they are di/di twins (two sacs, two placentas) then this is safest for at home. My OB was comfortable with us continuing homebirth plans despite being a tad leery for twins.

Biggest risks to having twins at home is increased bleeding (Duh! We have two wounds in there or one giant one feeding two babies).. So expect twice as much blood loss.
The other big risk that has been explained to me is baby B doing something funky after baby A comes out. Either turning to a goofy position or cord prolapsing.

I haven't found any midwives who will do a twin A breech, due to issues with potential "interlocking twins"...(esentially babies getting hung up on eachother so neither can decend) so if baby A is head down most midwives are all aboard for a homebirth.

I'm interviewing another set of midwives here anytime. So I'll let you know how it goes.

Also if you do see an OB for back up care. I was lucky enough to find an OB to cover in a transfer as well as give me his pager number since no other providers were comfy with vaginal twins if one was breech. My OB has breech experience and was willing to agree to see me when I was in labor no matter whether or not he's on call. So that is something you could always ask an OB if your not comfortable with a homebirth.
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Had another ultrasound today, both the boys are heads down now. Everything looked great and they are both the size you would expect a singleton to be at this stage so all is good. Happy day Happy day!
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Hey everyone !

We found out our twins are DI-DI... but that doesnt mean they are not MZ right ? Anyway, they are each in their pouch and each have a placenta. We had a big scare with a subchorionic hemmorage and DP is now on bedrest... its been two weeks and she is still spotting but I think we will be fine.

Other than that... well its just long lol.

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Glad to hear the twins are good, bleeding sounds so scary!
Yeah you are correct in the di/di not ruling out MZ if they split in the first 3or 4 days they would look like this.
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hi all,

saying hello for august!

~ sarah
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Yay for head down boys!!!

I had the stupid GT test and now I have a major headache.
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You can add me

2.I will be 31 and my husband is 40
3. Not sure yet
4. four for me and six total for dh
5. Don't know yet but yes we will find out
6. 2-14-11

If all goes well this will be my second HBAC
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hi everyone!

im eleven weeks today. had an appointment on friday with one of the "midwives" at my hospital/insurance provider (kaiser). it was VERY frustrating and discouraging as i had hoped her being a midwife, i might get a little more hopeful insight into their birthing principles, etc. she was VERY fearmongering when i even brought up the prospect of birthing a baby b vaginally...it was nuts.

i mean i GET that twin pregnancy is different and comes with increased CHANCE of risks/complications...but i mean, really lady...

the good news is that there are still two little people in there...i got to see them move around...but no count on hb or measurements either as she said it was 'too early' to read that kind of thing...i was like..no it isnt...but by that time, i was so annoyed by this woman i just wanted out of there.

if i end up birthing in hospital due to prematurity or malpresentation, im likely going to end up with a c section of at least baby b...unless i miraculously find a provider through their network that is experienced/willing to attend a breech birth...

i really hope i jive w/ the homebirth midwife ive been referred to so many times...i really, really do.

here's a recent picture of the little tykes (do we need a certain number of posts before we can post pictures?):

8-13-2010 3;43;35 PM by becksfluff, on Flickr

oh and im fairly POSITIVE i felt one of them move last night...pretty neat.
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Welcome Chula13! and congrats

ladydodson, MDC does not do actual pictures in the posts so as to not load down the servers too much, we all post links. Paid members can also have a gallery.
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