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Kidney Stones in Kids

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After a difficult week, I wanted to share this here incase anyone is in the same situation. For the second time in 2 weeks I was in the ER with dd (almost 7). Again they said her stomach pain was caused by gas/constipation. After 4 hours and treating her for this, we went home at 2am. The next day I called our regular dr. and he told us to come in the next day. He sent us to have an ultrasound and LOW AND BEHOLD there was a KIDNEY STONE! Everyone kept saying that kids didn't get them, and I just let it go. I should have persisted and we could have know sooner. I'm sure the first time to the ER was for the same thing, but a smaller stone, as the pain wasn't as bad. We were also in a year ago for the same pain. Again likely a small stone. ER doc recomended I take her in to a ped GI specialist.

So just know that that side pain (also called flank pain) can be a kidney stone or renal issues, not just gas and constipation as they always try and tell you. I wish I would have known this sooner!

We are still waiting for the stone to pass, trying to catch it and have it analized. Poor kid is still throwing up and not eating, even though the pain is somewhat lessened.
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Oh that is horrible! My husband is a 'stoner' his body just makes stones and he gets them every few years. He's getting good at passing them but his didn't start until 21. He read up on it and has found that drinking lemon juice and olive oil helps them pass and decreases the rate of formation. He drinks like a shot glass on lemon juice with some olive oil. Ew I know but it really helped the last one slide right out. Something worth looking in to maybe?

Also sorry you had doc issues, seems to happen a lot. The time before last when dh had one, the doc insisted it was prostrate issues and checked that first before agreeing to an xray where they found 3! I wish docs listened to us more, we know our bodies (and our kids' bodies) better than they do!
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