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My Water Broke!

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I was laying on the couch with DH getting ready to watch a movie after an evening of walking at the mall and lo and behold...my water broke! I was so caught of guard! It was after only a couple wimpy contractions and all the sudden I was soaking everything!

Woo Hoo! It's baby time!
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YAYAYAY!!!! Can't wait to hear more!!
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Yay! Good luck mama!
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DDDC crashing....saw in new posts...
Hi Evie's Mama
Hope everything goes well for you tonight and maybe tomorrow!
You have an awesome group of women attending your birth, can't wait to hear the details!
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Prayers for you and yours tonight!!! So exciting!!!
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YAY! I am so jealous! Happy Birthing!
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Yay!!!! Good Luck!!
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Yay mama!! ELVs!!
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Yay!! All the best!!
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Yay!! ELVs!!
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Awesome!! ELV mama!
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Update from Evie's Mama

Contractions are getting pretty strong. My midwives are here and doula is on her way.
That was 2 hours ago, so hopefully things are moving along just fine!!
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yay!! Easy Labor Vibes!!
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So exciting!!! ELV mama!
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Yay Hope you're snuggling with baby by now!
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Congrats! You're lucky. i'm so jealous!!
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No more updates on my end, so let's hope she's snuggling with a babe about now!!
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