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I had my IUI this morning!!! Two mature follicles on my left side.

The next two weeks are going to suck.
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Originally Posted by AirMiami View Post
I had my IUI this morning!!! Two mature follicles on my left side.

The next two weeks are going to suck.
Good luck! Two follies sound great.

Blueyezz nice of AF to mess with you. We of course want to hear about your appt.

Nothing happening with me yet. I just got back from a vacation with my sisters. I've got a great "infertility is smacking me in the head story" from last week. It'll have to wait until tomorrow though when I'm not so tired.
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There isn't a Sept thread yet, right? Anyway, I am pretty sure I'm not pregnant. I feel like my OHSS symptoms are already going away. I also went back and read some old journal entries from my pregnancy with my daughter, and I was feeling pregnancy symptoms 2dpo with her. I had extremely sensitive nipples and I couldn't stay awake past 8pm! I am definitely not feeling pregnant in any way right now, and I'm 4dpo. I just feel bloated and gassy from the stupid OHSS.
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Sorry to leave you hanging Lesliesara63!!!!!! My appt went well. We really liked the RE & nurse and we are on the schedule for our IVF in Oct. so that is really exciting and scary at the same time. I just posted this on the IVF thread, but figured I should share it on here since some of you might not see it there. I'm actually suppose to start suppressing next Sat the 18th for our first IVF cycle, but we might have to postpone a month b/c there is a chance I might have to have elbow surgery now. I have an Ortho appt. on Monday morning so after that I'll find out for sure. I guess if I have to have it done I'd rather have it done before we start the IVF cycle and before I have a little one to carry around and only the use of one arm for a bit. We will see. I have hope that it will all work out in the long run - fingers crossed!! Always, something!!!!! Good luck to all of you ladies!! I will for sure be lurking and cheering you all on!!!!
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I'm out. I got my period this morning. I'm not as depressed as I thought I would be, I guess because deep down I had a feeling that I wasn't pregnant. Stupid Prometrium was confusing me at the end though! I even had a major egg aversion going on for two days, and mild nausea. Grrr, dumb drugs.

I guess now I can go on a bunch of roller coasters and get drunk one last time.
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I'm really sorry AirMiami. Even when you can tell its coming its disappointing. So what will be next for you?
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Originally Posted by AirMiami View Post
I guess now I can go on a bunch of roller coasters and get drunk one last time.
Sometimes, this is the ONLY reason to smile (laugh hysterically and then cry) about af. Because she sucks!!

Drink up!!
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lesliesara63 My RE is supposed to give me a call today with instructions, but I can probably safely assume that I'll start on Menopur again either tomorrow or the day after. I hate Menopur, I never know how depressed/manic it's going to make me, and it's really hard to control my negative emotions. Last time around, I had a major melt down because a yard sale I wanted to go to closed up shop early. :eye

fierrbugg I don't get periods unless I'm on fertility medications, and I always forget just how sucky they are.

Thank you for all the support ladies! I have 2-3 more chances to conceive through IUI before we move on to anything else, but I'm not so sure that I'm willing to undergo more invasive procedures like IVF.
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I have to sit out a cycle and just take birth control. I still have enlarged ovaries and bloating from OHSS even though I got my period and am definitely NOT pregnant. Who the hell has luck like this!?
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Is there a september thread? Maybe that's why I've not been getting notices.

Well, here's my update.
Had my colonoscopy and ct scan. Nothing abnormal. So, I'm supposed to start any day now, and then on the 29th I'm to have a lap and hopefully he'll find endo and remove it, and they are going to do the tube check thingy (whatever it's called) I'm also going to ask him if he can/will break up the scar tissue in my cervix. (which is what we believe has caused ALL these problems in the first place)

Slim chance I'm pregnant now, although, it would be very ironic.
So, there's the reader's digest version of me.

Question: WWYD?
When I had my colonoscopy, I was the lucky recipient of some form of bacteria from there (the GI lab). Thought I was dieing. Fever and antibiotics (which were worse than the fever). Contacted the doctor, who had caught the same himself. He told me that 7 people working in the GI lab had had this, and 3 people that had procedures on that day had caught it. Talked to the hospital and they deny everything, saying that the nurse in question was on antibiotics and it wasn't an issue.
Any other suggestions? I lost money doing this and paid them to boot to give me a nasty bug. I'm mad!
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So it looks like I'm a broken record from July. I am somehow pregnant again! So after ttc #3 for pushing two years and doing five iui's I've gotten pregnant on my own. We conceived in July and were stunned because we hadn't conceived on our own since 02. Then I m/c at 6 weeks. Got AF Aug 21. Having a big pity party all summer waiting to start injectibles in Sept. So on Mon I had a little bit of spotting, Tues barely anything, not the usual dark brown pre-af spotting I usually get. So I took an internet cheapie after work and there was the lightest line ever. I really felt like I was losing my mind. After all these treatments how can I conceive twice? So my dh (who is clearly gone IF crazy just like me) suggests that I put my FMU in an empty pill container and get a FRER on the way to work. So I get a nice line on that. Go for a blood test Thursday 29, which is low but with my dd it was only 24. Friday morning I go to the bathroom and bright red blood. I felt my heart sink until I realized that I was not having any cramping. The bleeding went away, followed by brown spotting which went away today. So I don't know what is happening. I have to go for another blood test in the morning and see if the number has gone up appropriately. This rollercoaster ride of IF is making me crazy. Don't get me wrong. I am happy but this is stressful. Its taken so long and we've already had two losses. Its just typical IF. Just when you think you know what to expect everything changes.
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AHHH!!! LeslieSara!!!YEA!!!!
If I weren't sitting, I'd be jumping up and down for you!
This one is going to stick!!!!
Praying for you!
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oh, LeslieSara, congrats!!!
sticky vibes a`plenty headin` your way!!
I hope the stressful phase passes soon and you can settle in and let the joy flow!
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Leslie, i'm praying that this one sticks this time!!! I had bleeding at the beginning of this pregnancy like that and i'll be 28 weeks Tomorrow so i'm really sending out some sticky vibes to you mamma!!!! I really want this for you so bad!!! (which i want it for everyone who's having to go through this thread!!! I am still checking in on all of you ladies every chance i get...because once this one gets here and gets out of diapers we are going to be trying for another one i think and i'll probably be back here again with you ladies!!!!) Sending out baby dust to all of you!!!!
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32 WTF!! I don't have any words to describe how I feel right now. I so thought it was going to be ok this time.
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Leslie, I'm thinking of you. Something told me to check in on you just now, and now I know why.
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Just going to c&p an update for ya. I'm so done with IF right now!!!!!!

I just got back from my RE and even he is baffled. He checked to see if it was an ectopic pregnancy - everything looks normal. Not that you could see signs of pregancy this early on an u/s. He is not sure if there is a piece of placenta remaining from the previous m/c and this is not even a separate pregnancy at all. Obviously I am very upset to lose another baby. But the thought that this is just a complication of another pregnancy bothers me. He did offer me a d&c, but more strongly recommended just waiting a bit longer and doing a repeat beta on Tues. Has anyone else ever had this happen? I told him that I feel like i'm in reproductive hell!

This morning I started bleeding which is actually a relief. I've felt so lousy the last few days and I could tell it was coming. I have another appt next Wed so we'll see what comes next. I'm supposed to be doing injectibles since we couldn't conceive. Except then here we go and get pregnant twice and miscarry. So I really don't know what the next step is right now.
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Lesliesara: Thinking of you today and sending you great big .
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Leslie: I just want to pick you up and give you a BIG hug right now!!!!! I'm so sorry that this has happened again...and I know that it doesn't help that your RE can't give you any answers either. Lots of Love and big hugs for yoU!!!!
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I just feel numb right now. My friend keeps saying oh you don't seem that upset. I just feel like I've been knocked down so much by IF the last several months that this is just another bump in the road. When I see my doc on Wed I'm going to ask him about doing a septum resection. We hadn't done it at this point because I've carried my two dd's, but this changes things.
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