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LNF, can I be your kid?

I made angel food cake yesterday (served it with strawberries and homemade whipped cream and ice cream). One of the kids here said it was the best thing he's ever eaten ever in his life. It's nice to be appreciated. I think I bake too often for my own kids, they're just "brownies, OK mom, whatever" now.
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Originally Posted by nikirj View Post
Sippy cups: Nah, I just used one of the ones we had laying around from the last kid . I have really fast-flow breastmilk going on, so I didn't think it would be a problem that the cup I used doesn't have a valve (you tip it, it trickles out a little slower than a hot-beverage top would). Sure enough, she loves it. She does get a little wet though. I googled but didn't find the cup we used, which isn't really surprising since it's about 5 years old. It's probably toxic somehow or another, but the super-safe ones we have make kids suck too hard to get anything.
Where did you find a sippy without a valve? Or did you just take out the valve? The ADA has been saying for years that valves in sippy cups are a bad idea, so why is that all I can find?
We didn't use sippy cups for DD1, since she was breastfed and all she needed to drink was water. Water's easy to learn how to drink, and it's not the end of the world if a cup of water gets spilled.
However, we're eventually going to need something other than a bottle for DD2's formula, so I've been kind of keeping my eye open (even though it's a way off), but haven't yet seen anything that looks good. I know it can't be 100% leakproof without the valve, but I don't care about a few drips here and there as long as there are no major spills.

Everything I can find has a valve, and it seems like the only choices are sippy cups with hard plastic mouthpieces that increase likelihood of dental damage, or the ones with soft spouts that are really just bottle nipples placed on the edge instead of the middle. Between those 2 choices, I'd prefer the latter, but really, it's pretty much a bottle already, so why bother?
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We found them at Target. The idea was actually that I wanted one that worked a little like a disposable coffee cup lid. I've since seen reusable coffee cup lids that would work, too; they're intended for adult use, though. It's probably what I'll do if we wind up needing more than the 3 cups that survived the other kids.

I flipped through several pages of google images and the only ones like ours were also 5+ years old.

How about something like this:

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when we hit the three-month mark and hadn't needed to use a bottle, i bought this cup at my local natural grocery store. definitely does not have a valve, and it will just spill out the top. my husband tried it one day with some defrosted milk while i was out (just for fun, he wasn't really due to eat), and he said it was a mess.

i didn't see what happened though, and charlie tends not to suck unless he's hungry or tired. maybe he was just chewing on it?

eta: the mouth piece is hard plastic, but it's very thin. laughinfox, are you saying that's bad for their gums/teeth? i figure if we use it, he'll have it in his mouth less time than the toys he's already chewing on... but i haven't read anything about this.
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lnf -- What an amazing looking cake! I made brownies with mint icing last night. Yummmm.

sippies -- We tried a sippy with Sprout since he still won't take a bottle. He took a few sucks, but wasn't interested. I wish I knew why he wouldn't take anything! We usually give him frozen milk, but we've tried fresh in a bottle to no avail. Maybe trying fresh in a sippy.....

Anyway, we use the Gerber ones, and you can just pull out the valve and use it or not.

teeth -- The ridges on Sprout's bottom gum are becoming more pronounced each fussy, fussy day. I keep thinking I'll wake up and find the sharp little point, but not yet.

AFM -- The fussies have calmed down today; figures, since now DH is here to help! I'm pleased, though. The poor boy has just been so miserable. And he's been waking so much at night that he's starting to reverse cycle and not eat enough during the day. I've found that I can get him to eat well if we nurse laying down, though, so I've done that a few times today to try to reverse the reverse cycle.

The plastic linking rings have become a big hit in the last few days! Right now, in fact, he's riding around the house on DH, forward facing in the Bjorn (I know, I know, but it's the only forward-facing we have), nomming on the rings dangling from the front of the carrier.
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Hauled the swing back out yesterday and anna napped for 2 hours in it. It was awesome. Dh got the first spontaneous laughs that weren't from tickles today.
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scg - love laughs! yay!

sme - good idea to put rings on for teething

sippies - we use nalgene sippies & first years take and toss (we don't toss). they make a straw cup too & i think ds was doing a straw cup by 7 mo? I know it was before 9 mo...

ds had his 1st day of preschool today. dd's first day of daycare is next Monday. tomorrow DH & dd are coming with me to move books into my office *sigh* can't believe summer is over already!
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I tried a tommy tipee sipee with J, he was having none of that
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nothing special about sippys over here in the peanut gallery. hehe.

erica you need to send me a pm on facebook and let me know how thursday and friday went.

sewcrafty~ bring the swing back OUT?! we haven't even attempted to put it away yet. although R is doing better sometimes i just NEED to let him go to sleep "by himself" which is what the swing helps me do! the constant motion certainly does create better naps! was she not sleeping much?

giggles~ we hardly have any unless something is super tickley or dss1 is being super funny...otherwise it's these adorable shy smiles. just so sweet!!!

lnf~ i think 2 bites of that cake would send ME (an almost perfectly healthy young adult female) into sugar shock....but hey it sounds delicious! i bet you could sell those for $5/slice (and i mean tiny slices too!)...which brings me to an odd random thought; i saw an add for homemade pies and cakes on CL today. it's been a long time since i thought "home made" was still buyable (b/c of all the hype about drugs etc in them/not trusting anyone)

P&H~ R's poops are a little more mucosy and greener. some i know is from probably not taking a full feed at night and i guess the mucos is the extra drool he's swallowing. so far that's the only "side effects" of the extra drool.

ginger~ there are other hospitals here (4 i think actually) but i wouldn't be admitted to them now. the bleeding has stopped (and stopped about 36 hours after i got home completely). but as we saw with being anemic while pg it takes time for my iron levels to go up (it takes a while to make new red blood cells). i've got the double whammy as well that my stores are not replenished from the anemia in pregnancy and then i went and bled a lot. my hemoglobins had gone up and i was "safe" and normal to give birth just as i went into labor but then normal blood loss of THAT probably dipped me down again. i need to be taking my chlorophyll 2x a day. i need the recipe for breastfeeding cookies and then throw in wheat germ (DYK that wheat germ is very very high in iron? wheat germ OIL is about the BEST source of iron you can ever get.) this would give me the oatmeal to help my milk and either pump me up if R needs more or make sure that it's QUALITY milk plus the wheat germ to help me gain better iron stores...i would probably even allow myself to eat 5 or 6 cookies a day b/c they'd be so healthy!

AFM: it's been almost 5 hours since R ate. He is not complaining or anything! so weird. also none of my kids have ever had a nursing strike (no i don't think this is...he just isn't hungry). he was very tired and off today though. kinda cranky and slept more than usual but is now happily jumping away in the jumper. he loves that thing soooo much! my cousin is in labor with her first right now. my how the time has flown. i am already getting baby fever. i don't know what i am going to do with myself when R turns 1 and older. BF is fixed so there is no chance but i always thought i would have another and another and another...maybe i'm just addicted to birth and newborns though...seriously is there an affliction out there like that? i know anyone IRL would give me a weird look if they understood how much i LIKE being in labor, and pregnant and having a newborn! gah!
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That eio cup looks cool, but I already have a Klean Kanteen sippy and I'm not about to pay $14 for a plastic screw-on lid. All of the sippy spouts that come w/ a valve, you can simply take the valve out, no big deal. We actually bought dd1 this cup (difference is ours is the insulated version): http://www.toysrus.com/product/index...ductId=4109221 Got it at Target. It is the same type of coffee lid as eio only it has more nooks & crannies b/c it comes w/ a valve. DD1 could not figure out how to use it b/c of the valve. This thread just made me think, duh, take the valve out! We will try it again tomorrow. And it was only $5. The main thing I love about the valves (as I'm sure most other parents do, too) is that it keeps the cup spill proof. Not only around the house, but I can carry her cup in the diaper bag, no worries. Even if it is just filled w/ water, she is still too messy to drink from a water bottle properly. She is only just now learning how to drink from a real cup & I cannot fill that & put it into my bag. As far as I have understood it, the spouts are supposed to be bad for the teeth b/c the liquid comes out at the front of your mouth instead of more towards the back like a real cup would. If a kid keeps sipping off and on, as opposed to taking a full drink from a cup, their teeth will continually be rinsed in sugar. Also, to properly clean the valves & lids, if you do not have a dishwasher, is to buy the tiny bottle brush, like for Dr Brown's. You need one of those tiny brushes to clean straw sippy cups, too. Those get the spouts nice & clean, no mold or crusties.
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Today's highs
Kelsey rolled over!!! She rolled from belly to back while laying on the bed today and is getting super close to rolling back to belly!!1

I've lost over 10 lbs on Weight Watchers in the last 6 weeks (with liberal cheating, gotta love BFing) and I decided to try on some more shorts that didn't fit previously. Well, I now fit into five, yes FIVE more pairs of shorts, woo hoo!!!

Today's low
Writing out a check for $864.15 to the person I hit in my accident last week. Super suck!!!!

So tonight I was working on my little part time job - yearbook advisor for a local college and I was working on the parent ads section - where parents send in ads for their kids, you know with their baby pictures and words of wisdom, etc. Well, I was reading them and in tears by about the 3rd one - looking at all these little babies all grown up into men and women and reading all the wonderful things their parents said about them, knowing one day my tiny little babies are going to be all grown up......Forget it, I was a goner.
Danielle, I am with you - addicted to pregnancy, birth and newborns. It is just SUCH a special time in your life and it goes soooo quick. I would have 100 babies if I could....DH on the other hand, wants me to birth 3 year olds.....
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Pepper, I think Ada gave Becky whatever was going on with her the other day. Becky slept all night, and most of today, woke up at 2, hung out for a few hours, and is already out for the night at 9pm. Could my mega baby be going through another growth spurt? Goodness, she is only 5 lbs lighter than her older sister. Girl has got to slow down sometime...

I should really go to sleep right now. It's just so quiet though. The big girls have been insane all day (impulse control was at an alltime low), DH and I have been bickering a lot lately so today was kind of lame with him, and Becky has been cranky about her teeth (she slept on me most of the day), so having quiet time where no one is touching me? Ahhhhhhh.
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Yes I had put away the swing for a while because she was crying everytime I put her in it. Naps are still a mysterious thing that we sometimes get easily but mostly not. I'm still taking her to bed with me at night and sometimes I luck out and she lets me sneak away. Tonight is not one of those nights.
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Yeah... I need to stop baking cakes like that. Not liking the scale this morning. May throw it out a window.

On the plus side, I discovered how much fun it is to do crunches up to baby kisses?
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i wanted to get you guys' input about our daytime sleeping with charlie.... and early nighttime...

he's got several places i put him down for naps and at night before we go to bed. his kanoe hammock, a chair in the living room thats really deep and low, and on our bed with a pillow blocking the side.

he's not rolling yet, and if i'm not in the same room w/ him, i have a monitor on him (we have two handsets on our house phone, and we use them on intercom).

i'm trying to figure out what to do as he becomes more mobile. to be considered, if i'm going to buy something, it has to be convenient to travel with.

at home i don't mind putting him down on the floor somewhere, but travelling, i'm not so sure about that. in a strange room when i'd think he should be contained.

one thing i'm wondering is whether a rolled up blanket in a U shape would be enough to contain him. we're travelling to a family reunion next month, and i would love to travel light. does that sound dangerous for a 5 month old?

pack and plays are so heavy, and i looked at the pea pod thing, but they use flame retardents and uv treatments on the fabric...

just wondering what you guys do.

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Originally Posted by Peace+Hope View Post
just wondering what you guys do.
Don't travel?

But... yeah, I'm kinda serious. For us.

We did have to travel with DD when she was.... 6 months old? It was only one night. We were in a hotel and requested a crib. They brought a pack and play that we couldn't get set up. Neither could anyone they sent up. And they only had one. So she slept between us on the bed, even though we don't normally co-sleep.

I wouldn't trust a rolled-up blanket. Sprout is just 4 months and he's already scooting all over the crib and running into the sides.
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A portable swing might be a good idea. I would get it first though and make sure he's ok sleeping in it! And make sure that it has a weight limit you can use.
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I've kind of been wondering about this too... S mostly likes to nap in our family bed (and, oh, my aching back is begging us to get a new, king sized bed!!), and sometimes I sneak away and leave her to sleep there... but now I'm getting concerned about what happens as she gets more mobile. What do cosleeping-only parents do? She will sleep in her crib but sleeps much longer when I lay down with her and then sneak away. But how much longer can I safely do that?
(sorry to thread hijack...)

The good news: I'm enjoying cosleeping when we do it (about half the night, most nights) so much now that I'm not so worried about squishing or smothering her!! Love this size baby, she's so much fun. The bad news: now that she won't let us swaddle her, I have to basically smoosh her arms and legs down AND put my finger in her mouth to suck on for much of the night. Today she had some really promising sucking on her own fingers going on, though, so fingers crossed (pun intended?).

Multiple nights with a flappy, flailing baby waking me up around 4 or 5 am and I am SO tired!

Just an update on me: I'm feeling pretty good these days, guys! Low low dose of Paxil and I feel MUCH more like myself. I can function and haven't had a panic attack or cried in days and days!
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Jess, cosleeping logistics become interesting from about 6-12mo. We just keep sleeping and deal with the bumps and bruises of exploring our bed-boundaries.
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I'm thinking that when Cecilia becomes mobile we'll take our mattress off the box spring and frame and put it directly on the floor. That way when she rolls off, she'll only go a few inches. That's what my cosleeping friends do.

ETA: I also told my husband that when we're pregnant with #2 we need to get a king sized bed, cause there's no way I'm kicking Cecilia out of the bed unless she's totally ready to sleep on her own!
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