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Originally Posted by Needle in the Hay View Post
You really don't know a lot about abuse. If you did, you wouldn't blame the victim of it. I hope she does get away from him and soon, but it's not as simple as you might think. I hope you'll educate yourself on abuse before saying anything more about it.
Actually, I am a volunteer domestic abuse counselor and as such have had extensive training on domestic abuse and have spent countless hours with domestic abuse victims and I grew up in a domestic abuse household. Nothing, I repeat, nothing she has posted in THIS THREAD says anything that indicates her husband is abusive, and in fact she posted that she never claimed he is abusive. You saying that the OP's husband is abusive does not make is true.
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TIN, I'm sorry if I offended you by wanting to go back and read your other threads. I don't want you to think I think you are hiding things or not being honest or whatever. I just didn't feel like I knew enough about your situation yet to be of any help. I'm sorry you're going through all of this.
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TIN, I'm sorry this thread hasn't been helpful to you, but in case you're still reading it, to answer the ? you posted, I personally think my ILs have an obligation to their children and grands, but I can't make it happen. I"ve tried guilt, sweetness and light--they just don't care. So for me, it's not worth getting myself all worked up about (although I still do on occasion). They're the way they are. They treated DH w/ benign neglect and they're carrying on the tradition. I think you would do better to let this go. You'll never change them, and it'll only hurt you more to try. They're jerks, end of story.
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Based on the borderline UAV's that are going on in this thread, it is now closed to further commenting. If the OP wants to start up a new one, she is free to do so however. Thank you for your understanding.
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