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Postpartum Thyroiditis?

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Ok, anyone been through this? I don't know of any thyroid issues anywhere in my family, but i'm starting to suspect i may have postpartum thyroiditis. The symptoms I've had since birth appear to fit except I had an oversupply of milk during what seemed like my "hyperthyroid" phase... if that's what it was. I'm not interested in medicating for it, if I can avoid it, so I guess I'm looking for food or supplement based thyroid support, and also stories from people who have gone through this.

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wow, nobody?
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You think you have been switching back and forth between hypo and hyper?

Have you had a full thyroid panel done including antibodies? Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis can cause this back and forth between low and high.

Avoiding it can include going gluten free b/c the wheat protein is similar to thyroid protein and apparently if the immune system has decided it is allergic/intolerant to wheat, it also attacks the thyroid... this book is very good for discussion of that and dealing with other thyroid issues w/o meds:

And... as I'm finding with my own health, adrenal issues are intimately connected to thyroid:

That should give you enough reading for a while
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I have it. Hashi's dx at 3 mo pp.

I, too, hate the fact that I have to take medicine every single day for the rest of my life. But, the alternative is not an option. Feeling fat, over tired, and unable to even walk up the stairs just isn't the way i want to live.

I have read of very few people who are able to successfully manage thyroid issues without the meds. Don't write them off. They are a replacement hormone that your body needs in order to function. That being said, there are foods to eat and foods to avoid.

Get a naturopath and an endocrinologist. (GP's just don't get it.) Read Mary Shoman.

Good luck in your journey mama!!
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Well, from what I've read, the "postpartum thyroiditis" has a hyper phase for the first month or so and then a hypo phase for several months to a year after that. Usually it will go away as hormones stabilize (the further out you are postpartum), but you may be prone to it later.

I did read that it can be related to a wheat issue. I'm strongly considering cutting out wheat at this point, to see if it makes a difference.

I've also read that sometimes thyroid issues can resolve on their own (but you don't know until you go off meds for a while and see if your thyroid starts up again), but it's hard to know.

Apparently the postpartum kind is related to hashimoto's, but doesn't last, usually...

At this point, I do'nt feel too terrible and I'm not GAINING, anymore, just not losing, despite the fact that my nursling is growing faster than the other two did. I'm mildly more tired than I would expect to be given the amount of sleep I get, though Ds sleeps pretty well. It's not too horrible... I'm wondering if I may be just borderline... which makes me think I may be able to deal with it with acupressure and diet, at this point...
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hmmm... this may be adrenal fatigue, instead...
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Yes, I have been all about low thyroid until I discovered the adrenal connection.

Low adrenals (or high in high stress cases) can effect the thyroid's functioning.
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First of all I would go in and have your thyroid levels checked. It's quick and easy and then you know what is going on. I am 6 months postpartum with my son and I've had my levels checked every 6 weeks since he was born and have had to have my meds adjusted nearly every time.

For me it's not an option to go med free. When I got thyroiditis with my daughter my thyroid failed and I had to rush into the doctors office immediately when they got my test results back. I had been passing out and pretty sick. Though I have had hypo for many years before I had any kids, so that might have made my situation worse. Add to it a doctor that had never heard of thyroiditis and never should have taking me off my meds when I went hyper.

The way the doctor I have now, who specializes in endocrinology, explained it to me as if the thyroid has a cold and is expelling all the hormone. While pregnant your thyroid made extra hormone, and after pregnancy that amount is too much (hyper), so it starts to shed the excess, but it doesn't know when to stop until it goes too low (hypo).

If you get tested you can at least see where your levels are and con't to be monitored until you are stable and determine from that if you want meds or just want to wait it out. With both my kids I was about 3-4 months postpartum when I went hyper and 5-6 when I went hypo.
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Hm. Well, I failed the "iris test" for adrenal fatigue, so I guess I'm going to throw my energy in that direction though it may involve my thyroid as well (because that's just what happens w/adrenal fatigue sometimes, I guess). My mom has had adrenal fatigue and recovered, so she's helping me.
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Just been diagnosed by my kinesiologist that I have a thyroid issue to do with my pituritary gland and we'll go more into it during my next session. I have always suspected that I had a thyroid issue which was not detected with a blood test. I am always so tired. I'm 6 months pp with my ds and I have very, very dry and pale skin, so very tired, slow to loose weight (although skinny now due to diet for my ds bf reactions), my stomach has not even fully contracted yet and I still look pregnant. I don't know if that is anything to do with it but my womb still feels hard, bulging and out of sorts. My hair is falling out like mad (started before diet change). I'm spaced out and forgetful and have this mad mind fogs where I forget why I walked into a room. I'm going to get it checked out but will be checking your post for updates on your side.
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Mama9, I'm so sorry about your trouble that sounds awful.

I was looking at this: http://mrishaanshareef.blogspot.com/2008/10/finger-nails-to-predict-health.html

and it looks like I have the longitudinal brown lines thing that is associated with addison's disease
, which is about adrenal insufficiency. Not as many as the picture and not constantly, though, which gives me hope that it's not *that* bad).

fascinating what our fingernails can tell us, though...
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Hi Jenna, !!

Yes, that web page was fascinating about nails. It looks as though you may be onto something with your adrenals. I hope that you feel better and I'll be looking out for your posts. xxx
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