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My SIL is 5.5 months pregnant with twins. She will be meeting with a perinatologist next week. She really wants a vaginal birth if possible; however, she's not quite as crunchy as I am and is leaning toward an epidural (which I can understand and know is often "required" during twin delivery, along with lots of other stuff usually, it seems). Her regular OB (not surprisingly) has not been very helpful with informing her about risks, options, and interventions so far, and she is taking a Lamaze class but she doesn't seem to be getting much from it, especially in regard to her high risk status. I seem to be falling into the role of unofficial doula--and I love educating people about birth but I'm not that knowledgable about multiples. I figure she probably needs to grill this high-risk doctor about protocol during a twin birth. I want to help her with a birth plan but she probably needs some more info first. What kind of questions do you think are most important to ask? Is there anything you wished you had asked your doctor about? I feel like she should be armed with some questions written down so she doesn't feel overwhelmed. And any other advice on how to best support her would be greatly appreciated. TIA