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True fit and (the small) Volvo wagon

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I know better than to front face my 2 year old, but I did it on a trip where I had a long-legged front seat passenger and it was easier. I just never turned it back.

I watched the videos again and just went down to turn the seat, but I have a question or two....

I have a True Fit, and I just put it in the back of a 2001 volvo v40- the small wagon. I flipped the bottom of the seat to the front facing position and LATCHed it in- the seat fit better on the car seat, and the carseat is a bit more upright. Can I do that? with the bottom flipped in the rear facing position, it takes up a ton of room, and my daughter is almost lying down.

Also, it has a tether on the top back of the seat that I attached to the anchor in my cargo bed when the seat was forward facing- do I need to find a place to anchor it rear facing?

I think that's it- did it make sense to you all?
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It needs to be in RF mode, with the foot flipped forward. However, it does not need to be reclined to 45*. It can be as upright as 35*, which can be achieved by pulling the seat out away from the seat bight a couple inches, and pushing down where the child's feet go when installing. The True Fit generally installs quite easily more upright. You can't use the tether while the seat is rear-facing, so go ahead and store that strap
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Ok- so I checked it- the foot is flipped toward the front of the carseat- the back of the car.... (argh its so confusing- front being facing front or front being facing back) so I think i have it right!

Switched back today with no problems!
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Sounds like you are good to go then
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