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Pediatricians in/ near Germantown Md

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Hello everyone,
At the end of the month, my husband and I, and our 14 month old son will be relocating to Germantown, Md. I have been trying to research pediatricians, and I am not finding much information!

We are delaying some vaccines, and doing an alternative schedule. Our current pediatrician works with us- but makes me feel very guilty every time we go.

So if anybody has any good recommendations, or information on a good one, or even better one that is alternative vaccine schedule friendly that would be amazing!

Any information would be great

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Hi Amy,

I'm also in Germantown, and have had a few doctors since my elder son was a baby. We have also delayed and skipped some vaccines, and while I didn't find any doctors that were specifically in favor of delaying or alternative schedules, most didn't give me too hard a time. I probably shouldn't list any names here since it was more just a personal experience or feeling about each doctor, but if you want to send me a PM, I can give you some more ideas!
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I like mine and I know she is ok with alternative schedules. She just got a new doctor on her staff but she only works the Gaithersburg office and I am not sure about her yet.

Her practice is Clarksburg Pediatrics. HTH!
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