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postpartum pupps

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Ahh, feels like I am always posting about another "thing" that has happened after this birth. Sometimes overwhelming to be a new mom and have your body be in shambles.

I have developed what seems to be pp pupps on my calves and upper thighs.
I am breastfeeding baby so does anyone know if I can still use the dandelion tincture?
Any other recommendations?

hoping I can recover eventually and take care of my dd to the best of my ability! sigh.
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I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. I developed PUPPP at 34 weeks, delivered twins at almost 38 weeks, and then had a recurrence of PUPPP post-partum. I really almost lost my mind.

The best stuff I found was this PUPPP soap - made by a mom who, I think, had PUPPP with all six of her pregnancies. Here's the link: http://www.rainiersoapworks.com/puppp_relief.htm

I hope you feel better very soon.
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Oh, that's awful. I had PUPPP from 38 weeks til 42 weeks, but fortuntately did not have it PP. I don't know about Dandelion tincture, but had good luck with anything cooling - Johnson's Anti-Itch Gel worked wonders, as did a compounded cortizone cream with menthol my doctor made up.

Hope it goes soon.
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Oh man i know all about it. I had puppp starting around 37 weeks but it was very gradual. Immediately postpartum it exploded into the most horrible thing i have ever experienced. I DID do Dandelion Root Tincture eventually, starting about 8 days postpartum. I took 3 glasses of water per day with one dropper-full in each glass. The rash really seemed to respond very quickly; it was bearable within 2 days and gone within 4 days.

I never got a final answer on breastfeeding + dandelion root, but my midwife and so many other women online recommended it that i caved and went for it. We used the tincture for about 1 week. If you are worried, start with the tea, which is less intense than the tincture.

sorry if this response is too late. And sorry about the puppp. Seriously, i'd choose almost any other complication over that. It was dreadful. BUT it will go away, i promise!!
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