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best help after twins....?

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A mom in my mom's club is due with twins any day now. We're not close friends but she lives practically around the corner from me and I'd like to help her out as much as I can. In addition to the twins she has an autistic 4 year old, a 2.5 year old and a husband who travels for work a lot.
After you had your twins, what was the best help you got? Or the help that you needed the most? I've got a 4 year old and a 3 month old of my own to take care of, so I'm not too sure what I can do.
I do plan to make her meals - I was thinking of doing one a week for a while - how many weeks/months after your twins were born was that helpful to you?

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Yes, meals were helpful. It depends on the mother, but I also wanted company. I would have appreciated you coming over (even with your kids, even if they left a mess), just to see another adult. Everyone assumed I wanted to be left alone and I didn't. So maybe ask if she wants a visit or 2.
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I agree. Having another person around was a really big help to me even it was just to have another adult to talk to. And someone to put food in front of me every few hours or so was also amazing. Someone to come in every so often and offer to help with laundry or dishes was also a great help. I'm sure that whatever you land up doing/giving will be accepted happily.
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Ditto food. I needed help w/ meals for at least six months.

With the size of her family, I'd guess she would also appreciate some laundry help. Even if you just folded it, or had a neighbor teen do it. Four dc under 5 means a mass amount of daily laundry, I'd imagine.
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I insisted that I did not need a baby shower, but MEALS were the best help, and that's what I got. 3 meals a week (MWF) for 2 + months after my mom left. And most people that delivered meals would stay awhile and help out for a few minutes or just chat. We had a mother's helper do dishes, watch other kids, help out with whatever. I'm sure you could do that as well!
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