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New to Cherry Hill, can you help me?

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Where is there a good health food store/coop, cheaper than whole foods?
Do you know a good chiropractor in the area?
Is there a farmers market here?
Nice kid friendly cheap/ free places,parks,pool....?

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Dr. Horning, Ark Road in Mt. Laurel.

I cross the bridge to Headhouse Square every Sunday morning because I think the organic/sustainable options are better, but a lot of people around here go to Collingswood Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

I live near the mall, so I'm closer to Philly (as opposed to the part of Cherry Hill that's closer to Marlton and Voorhees), but I delivered at Pennsylvania Hospital with the Penn Midwifery Group there.

Wegmans has decent prices on some organic/whole foods things. There's also a health food store across Route 70 from Wegmans in the little shopping center where the Dunkin Donuts is. There's also one on Route 70 between Springdale and Greentree Roads, but he's more supplement oriented. Really nice guy, though. My friend does a co-op for mostly her clients and gets her meats, dairy, etc. delivered from Lancaster. I don't order from her because I buy it mostly weekly at the farm market, but she might be able to get you involved. PM me if you're interested.

Give us more info to help you with the kid friendly stuff--where in Cherry Hill and what age the kiddos! Depending on their ages, you might like to join the Attachment Parenting of South Jersey Facebook group.

Welcome to South Jersey!
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thanks Stacey, I have one toddler and am looking for just nice places to go with her, I'm stay at home for now.
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Well, you are lucky in that almost every neighborhood in Cherry Hill has a nice playground. My dh works for the Fire Department and we've gone to a fair number of them while waiting for Da to come back from an EMS run at whichever station he was at that shift. And the Garden State Discovery Museum is a standard for the area, although it does get overrrun with school trips sometimes. There is a Holistic Moms Network group in the area too -- they might be a great place to get some of your "local" questions answered too.
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One thing that's cool about the Garden State Discovery Museum is that they have a membership reciprocity with the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. If you join the GSDM, which is cheaper than the Please Touch, you can still use your membership to go to the Please Touch.

There's a small park on Chapel Avenue, close to Haddonfield Road and Cherry Hill West, that's fenced in. Might be good for you since you have a toddler--you can sit down on the bench and not have to chase him/her every moment!
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