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should i be worried?

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my dd just turned 8 months old. she is EBF. I have had to cut out dairy because she was spitting up a TON. it has gotten much better since giving it up. she is a very easy going baby, always happy, rarely crying. the sweetest little thing. at her 6 month appointment with the ped, she kinda fell off her curve (she was in the 85% for weight and went to 65%). her height has always been on the short side. the ped wanted her to come back for an 8 month checkup instead of 9 months to make sure she is growing and not falling off the curve more. i have not weighed her since but she still has fat legs and the cutest chunky butt with cellulite, so i'm thinking she is not undernourished.

so here is my problem.... my diet is the same as it has always been except for no dairy. she spits up WAY less. her only thing is that she does not poop for like 2-3 days and then when she does poop, it is all liquid with no substance to it and she gets a nasty rash with it. I can't start her on any foods because I wouldn't be able to tell if she has a rash from her poop or from the food. she acts the same, not in any distress but her poops are toxic apparently.

any ideas? should i eliminate anything else from my diet? I just want her little tush to be completely rash free and her poops to be normal. her poops before this happened (which this has been going on for about 2 months) were green and flecky, sometimes a mustardy-brown.

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What does "green and flecky" mean? Flecked with what? Green isn't a typical poo color for ebf babes.

Have you researched signs of food intolerances/allergies?
You might consider researching the top 8 or top 10 allergens and start removing a few more things. An example you might consider is soy as those that react to dairy also tend to have a reaction to soy.
I also recommend starting a food journal.

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Originally Posted by Casha'sMommy View Post
What does "green and flecky" mean? Flecked with what? Green isn't a typical poo color for ebf babes.
Actually, green can be a completely normal poop colour for EBF babies. As long as baby is not in any distress and is gaining well, I wouldn't worry about the poop colour.

See: http://drjaygordon.com/pediatricks/general/poop.html

In summary, stools in breastfeeding babies are predictably green, brown, yellow or orange.
The rash, however, sounds nasty.
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thanks! i have always been against eating anything with soy, but i have been using it for a creamer with coffee.

does soy take a while to get out of your system like dairy?

any suggestions for this horrible diaper rash? triple paste was working and now it doesn't seem to be anymore. i tried putting some expressed breastmilk with probiotic too. i also gave baby this concoction thinking maybe her little gut needed some good bacteria?
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I used lanolin when my babe got a rash from wearing disposibles while in hospital. I needed something that would not stain cloth diapers. It worked for his rash (and my nipples!) - maybe worth a try?
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I understand that there is eveidence out there that states the green poo is normal however, I've had 5 babies and not a single one had one green poo while ebf until now. Just my thoughts.

As for the rash, if there's an offending food in your diet the rash will not go away. The offending food must be removed. I would start there and do your best to treat with what you can.

Additonally, the poo I've experienced with ds can have quite the aroma. If something seems strange, odd, or out of sorts it probably is. Listen to your mama instincts, they're correct more often than not.


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