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No Vaccine's Pediatrician

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a brand new mom who just moved to central PA and I'm having trouble finding a pediatrician who does not require vaccines in the area. Does anyone know of someone?

Any help or guidance would be greatly apprecaited!

Thank you!
Cohen's Mom
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i'm in the lewistown area and we are no vax. our ped does not agree with it but seems tolerant. he was fine with delaying but after dd turned a year he began to put a little pressure on. however, at her 2yr appt he seems to have accepted it and the only thing he said is that he now has a second no-vax patient. if you are interested i can give you his name.
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Thank you. Yes, his name would be great. It's a little far, but at least it's somewhere to start. Do you think other physicians would become more tolerant over time as well?

Thank you again!
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Who is the doc?  I'd like to put him on my list -- I"m due in January and want to indefinately "delay" vaccinations...

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Could you email me the name of that doctor too?  I'm due March 30th and the closest "vaccine friendly" doctor I can find is in Norristown.  Sorry, but I didn't see a response with the name on the posts.


Thank you!



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I live in the York area and my ds sees the doctors at Springdale Pediatrics.  While they did discuss the possible "dangers" of not vaxxing, once i stated my decision the rest was paperwork and legalities and no fuss. At Every well-baby visit I'm required to sign a paper refusing the vax which I'm on edge about each time out of fear I'll get that judgmental eye or a speech. but so far, just paperwork. 

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i live in north versailles, pa near irwin, monroeville and im trying to find a pedi as well... is this close to where i live? do you know any one? are yall part of a moms group?

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