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Anyone have uncircumcized boy in Indianapolis? Need pediatrician

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I am new to the Indianapolis area and expecting our first child in November. I need to find a pediatrician who is well versed in caring for intact boys. I have read too many horror stories about doctors retracting the foreskin on babies which causes damage.

I spoke with my GP (who I planned to use instead of seeing a pediatrician) and he said he does retract the foreskin during well baby checks. I was glad he was honest with me but I am not comfortable taking our son to our GP because of this.

Anyone have intact sons in Indianapolis area (we live on the north side) that has a ped they love and can recommend? Thanks!
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We use Dr. Park at Westview Medical center. He is lovely! Would never dream of hurting our baby boy Oh, also we have seen Dr. Golnick in Fishers...she is also very intact friendly, as well as bf friendly & ok with whatever you choose w/vax.

Dr.Park is all those things as well, we just like him because he is a family practioner & practices eastern medicine as well
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The internet is a great resource

There are sites such as www.appointmentcity.com where you can research pediatricians in your area and book an appointment with them right online (anytime). It gives you all of the information you will need to make an educated decision as to which provider you want to go with in your area. Here is a list of pediatricians in Indianapolis!
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I have posted about my ped (actually a family practice) here before. Unfortunately, I can't comment on the specific issue you are asking about, as I have two girls and haven't ever discussed circ with him. However, for the most part, he seems to fit well with what most folks here look for in a ped.

Vaccines-he doesn't do them in his office at all, hasn't ever asked. Is for them and directs to the county health department when asked about them.
BF-fully endorses it for as long as possible, but doesn't try to give advice about the mechanics of it, recommends speaking to an LC. When dd2 started losing weight, he recommended supplimenting with a bottle of pumped milk, AFTER attempting to nurse, and recommended formula only as a last resort.
Solids-all about waiting until 6 months/developmentally ready, recommended against cereal all together, stating that the BM or formula it was mixed with is more nutritious and has more calories.
General parenting advice-doesn't give it unless asked.

However, he's on the south side, near the St Francis hospital. And, I don't have a clue about his stance on circ, haven't had a need to ask. There are a few things that are negatives though too...he does sometimes seem quick to medicate. I sometimes feel like every time I leave, we have a new script. And, he's the only doc in a busy office-he had an NP also, but she left, so he's trying to juggle her patients and his as the only dr in the office now, which makes for brisk visits sometimes. But if you want to give them a call and see if they are accepting new patients, I can give you their office info.
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We drove to browsburg to Jason Cooper. He is a general practitioner. Never pushed vaccines on us, has never retracted my son. Is very supportive of extended breastfeeding. Also is accepting of alternative treatments instead of meds. Worth the drive for me.
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Does anyone know if Dr. Park accepts Medicaid? I am looking for a non-vax friendly doctor for my kids (we're in Kokomo, they don't really exist here).
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Thank you

Oh my gosh thank you for all the recommendations. I feel so much better already!! I could kiss you all!
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Dr. Park is FANTASTIC!!

He was our whole family's doc for years before we moved out of state.

Last I heard he did not accept medicaid, but you can always call and ask.

Years and years ago I was on a parenting forum with Dr. Gwolnick (didn't know she was a doc for a long time) and was really impressed. At that time she was a new mama for the first time and working to come to terms with the differences between what she was taught as a physician and what she was feeling as a new mom.
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@Rosegin, I am not sure if he accepts medicaid..he is definitely worth the call to find out if he does! I am in kokomo as well---agreed, slim pickings around here. & I have a 22mo Charlie
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I just wanted to post that Dr Golnick is not accepting new patients. I met with a doctor in her practice and he says he does retract at well baby exams so that's not any better than what I've got now. If she is an intact friendly doc, I guess she's not really rubbing off on her colleagues!

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Is Dr Park even taking new patients?  Last time I checked he was not accepting any new family medicine patients.

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For you kokomo mamas is there anyone that you do recommend in our area. I am due in August and we are also leaving our little guy intact. I am currently going to pregnancy plus in anderson so I am willing to drive to receive good care for our baby. Someone told me that Dianna Andrews in sharpsville is good. Anyone have any info on her?


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I know this is an old thread....wondering if anyone is still seeing or has seen Dr. Jason Cooper in Brownsburg.    I was wondering if he is still non vax friendly.    We desperately need a new Doctor.   

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