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Braxton Hicks

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so, in all of my previous pregnancies I have wondered why I never felt these contractions.. like so many things, This time is totally different. I have been feeling these on and off since we left home friday. today has even been kind of uncomfy/crampy feeling.. its unnerving actually since im just not accustomed to it.. how do i know its braxton hicks and not preterm labor? or something else?
its squeezy and kind of sore on my lower back/bum but only mildly crampy feeling. im 27 weeks today

i have been on my feet a ton and busy and it is more stressful than being home.. i also could probably be drinking more water.. but i have so much to do in a short time..

anyone else getting these? or something similar?
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Omg.. Fern! I was just coming to post something similar... I've had some crampy bh that have made me rather uncomfortable today. Like wtf?! I'm finally nesting and have the urge to get stuff going around here and my body says NOPE! Actually.. I think the reason I'm uncomfortable today was I didn't drink enough water. So I definitely think that's part of the equation... that and being on our feet. Also, the more babes you have... the more discomforts you are likely to feel. Totally empathizing with you over here. Take it easy (as much as possible) and drink, drink, drink water.
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This happened to me last week - definitely uncomfortable and they lasted longer than normal BH. I think hydration definitely has something to do with it, as Nic posted.
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Yes, WATER!! Drink up - force yourself to drink as much as you can. I was getting the, "Gee, these feel like really early labor," ctxs a few weeks ago. Not good at 23 weeks! Rest and a ton of water seemed to help - just know that sometimes a FULL bladder is as irritating as being totally dehydrated!

If yours intensify, you start having bloody show, they come very consistently, closer together, stronger, etc., then I'd be concerned it was pre-term labor. Otherwise, it's very likely due to the extra activity and dehydration.
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Yeah there is a definite correlation for me and water. I've been guzzling water since I got home from the store earlier and I haven't been near as crampy. I ate ramen soup and had one extra pepsi throwback today (that i normally wouldn't have), both kick my butt in terms of hydration. I get bored with just plain water after awhile... so I try to allow myself one special drink besides my hot morning drink, lol. One extra pop though and I'm more crampy and my feet swell.. there's a very fine line for me to walk, I guess.
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I had real crampy ones yesterday too! lol The bottom of my tummy was so sore.

Water makes a huge difference with me as well, as does being able to rest, which is my major problem right now.
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Water water water AND food! I've found that it's so hot around here my body doesn't want to eat as much and a few times I've somehow missed being hungry all together...which led to me being in a fantastic mood and having lots of BH.

Some of mine have been very uncomfortable/crampy, but when I think about it, they aren't the same feeling as the real deal. (I've also never had a labor contraction without my water being broken, so I bet that's some of it!)
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I totally understand and have been having BH since about 14 weeks. They got pretty intense after a few weeks and I couldn't believe I had so many weeks left to deal with them. I second the adequate water intake, and when I'm hydrated I get only a handful a day that are not that intense. When I'm not, well that's another story. Take care of yourself mama!
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Definitely tied to over doing it I think. I'm so exhausted, both physically & mentally with Ds's pneumonia & now my own coughing. I've been picking him up a lot lately to comfort him during his coughing fits - sometimes from the ground after he collapses - and I know I shouldn't be. And I probably haven't been drinking enough water either.
Yesterday my lower back was crampy/achey and my hips too. Then I lost a lot of mucous & started to worry a bit - 24 weeks is still way too early for a babe to come. I'm going to stay really hydrated & try to take it easy today.

I've always had BHs with all of my pregnancies, from very early on (sometimes starting as early as 9 weeks.) They get progressively more painful for me - but the good news is (for me, at least) is that I've always made it to 40 weeks but I'm 4-5 cm dilated for a month before labor starts, so it's pretty darn quick. Hopefully all of our BHs will be productive as we get closer to birth!
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One thing my mw pointed out is that true oxytocin driven contractions often cause nipple erection, so that's one thing to look for if you're concerned about PTL vs. just toning ctx/BH. It's apparently my "norm" to have dozens of toning ctx each day, but they stop/subside with hydration and emptying my bladder. If they ever *don't*, then I guess I'd get more concerned. My old OB for DD1's pregnancy made me call every time I had more than 4 in an hour, which was all.the.time by about 30 weeks. This time, that would have been all.the.time (like every night at bedtime) starting around 18 weeks. Know thyself and pay close attention to what your body is telling you!!

Metasequoia -- hope your DS (and you!) feel better asap!!!
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im feeling better after a good nights sleep. im thinking that along with BHx baby is also having a growth spurt because im feeling all stretched out and RLP is back a bit (it hurt when i blew my nose this am ) which just adds to the ouch factor. plus baby was having a serious dance party most of last night..anyone else feel bruised from the inside out?

im sorry so many others are dealing with this as well.. its kind of a lot stressful!@ like i said, i never felt anything till i went into labor with my other 3 pregnancies.. so its totally new territory. and im away from home, away from my midwife. and yes. need to take better care of myself.

thanks for all of the tips.

meta: (((((hug)))) take care of yourself!

cali: interesting info!
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I have them near constantly, too. I was really crampy the other day. I think part is dehydration and part is this horribly hot weather we have been having.
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