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Twin or Triplet Stroller?

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My partner and I have a 9mo daughter and are expecting twins in Jan/Feb. We are going to our local Moms of Multiples sale this weekend and are hoping to find a stroller.

We are debating what size stroller to get -- I'm wondering if we should look at triplet strollers, so that we have the ability to push all three kids together (imagining evening strolls around the neighborhood etc) and maybe just get a lightweight twin stroller for outings (if we are ever able to get out of the house with 3 kids under the age of 2!! ).

My wife thinks we just need a twin stroller & we will carry #3 (or use the singleton stroller we currently have).


Thanks in advance,
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If you can afford it, I'd go with a triplet stroller. Even with my 4yo, she still likes to ride which leaves me wearing one baby while walking. It's just hard to help out the other two while wearing one and it gets awfully hot during the summer.
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I had 3 kids really close in age. Not twins but pretty darn close. If I were to do it again, I'd get a double for the twins and a carrier or a few different carriers for the toddler. You could switch em all up and carry one of the babies sometimes or the toddler. I carried my kids everywhere...I found it easier actually. For places like the mall or the zoo (which i don't frequent) it's nice to have the stroller but I found being able to switch which kid I'm carrying often made it not so bad...someone always wanted to toddle along beside me anyhow.

Good Luck...it sure will be fun!
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We had a 2 year old when our twins were born and we ended up getting a Valco Tri-mode twin double stroller with a toddler seat that clips on to it. We could take all 3 of them out easily that way. I needed to be able to contain my 2 year old when I went out to the mall or for a walk. i was worth it to have the option of having a triple. I would definitely try to get a stroller that can hold all of them.
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I would say it depends on how may adults you have available. If both adults are going for the walk, then it would be much easier to take 2 strollers.
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3greatkids - can you do two infant seats and the toddler seat on that stroller? I have just found out that I am expecting identical twins, and DD will be, at the oldest, 20 months, when they arrive. The Valco stroller sound exactly like what we will need.
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