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Who on earth actually has diapers that last through multiple children?!

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When I started diapering I heard over and over "And the savings just multiple if you're going to have more children, you can re-use the stash!"

Most of my prefolds are holding up okay after a year of CDing but the pockets (Thirsties V2) and the covers (Thirsties) are getting to the point of needing to be replaced. The WAHM dipes I bought the elastic is junk now and the GM and Mutts are getting threadbare around the snaps.

I am so careful with my dipes. Am I doing something wrong? I hate that I'm going to have to replace half of my stash! Who are these people that diaper all 6 of their kids with the same stash?
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I had a number of covers that made it through 2.

I still have most of my original UCPF's in preemie, infant, and regular sizes. I got a bad batch of indian pf's that fell apart after one kid which sucked.

I don't use pockets or fitteds very much but do have about 10 fitteds that I bought second hand so those will be used on three kids then I will sell them uber cheap.

I can't explain why yours are falling apart, but in my experience covers do tend to be purchased with each kid, aside from wool. I've only got 3 wool covers all crat soakers and those things will go forever. The babyology longies, eh, hate those things and they're nowhere near as well made as the crats.

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I really I don't know. I used mostly already used prefolds ad fitted after my two fully diapered sons' friend. My kids used diaper for a very short period of time. We EC and they were mostly pee misses. I think there is mostly the different due the natural and synthetic fabric.
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I will say my wool is holding up beautifully, that's true.

I'm wondering if some people who's diapers last longer have a much bigger stash than I do so they are rotated more. Or like you said, maybe they EC too (which we've tried at times).
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I've only cloth diapered one baby, and for less than a year now, BUT I have bought several used dipes off Craigslist that have been through at least 3 babies and are holding up well - MotherEase fitteds and Air-Flow covers in particular. They aren't perfect, but the bindings and snaps are still completely intact.

I can see how FuzziBunz and Happy Heiny's wouldn't hold up well through multiple kids though!
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I'm on #2, and our prefolds are going strong but I agree that our covers are looking sad. We use 6 BSWWs per size, and they're in pretty good shape but they're dingy and we had to replace the velcro. However, I know part of it is because DD was small and stayed in the same size for a loooooong time. Maybe people who either 1) have a larger stash, so that each cover gets used less and/or 2) have babies that shoot up and go up in size quickly can reuse the covers for more than one to two kiddos.
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i use fuzzi bunz, they would def last longer if lined dry. im sure dd is the 3rd or 4th child to use them since they were bought use and ill sell them when im done
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When I was pg with my first, FIL gave me a bunch of flats that he'd saved from his kids! Those didn't last long though, as they'd seen a lot of use before DD1's bottom (besides DH and SILs' bottoms, they were cleaning rags for decades.)

I saved money CDing my daughters because I had them both in diapers at once, and I didn't need a "double supply" for diapering two kids; I just washed diapers more often. I probably needed 1.5 times as many diapers as I did when diapering one baby.

I really don't know how long their diapers would have held up- when I found myself a single mom of 2 under 3, I switched to disposables even though my stash was still in great shape. I gave away the diapers, along with all my other baby stuff, when it was clear my girls were done with it. Some of the covers were worn out, but the diapers (flats and prefolds) were in perfect shape (minus some stains.)

I sewed DS a new stash, and all of his diapers were also in near-perfect condition when he outgrew them. Some of the covers (that I'd gotten second hand) were worn out, but the diapers themselves were fine.

I suspect that "these people who diaper 6 kids with the same stash" are using prefolds and/or flats- any elastic or snaps are in the covers that don't get washed as often or put into the dryer regularly. If they're truly diapering 6 kids with the same exact stash, it's probably flats (exclusively line dried) with pins and hand-knit wool covers, and even then they're probably replacing the pins regularly and knitting another diaper cover every year. Those who don't line dry are probably buying another dozen diapers for each new baby, supplementing the stash as some start to wear out.
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My Thirsties covers did not even make it through 1 kiddo, and my covers are air dried. I cannot stand that brand.

My bummies super whisper covers are champs. I have no doubt that they will last through #2. I've heard that the bummies brites are less sturdy though.

But the diapers themselves are great - I use some CPF flats and Crickett's fitteds for the most part.

I'm wondering if your washer is brutal on the diapers? I have overfilled my washer a few times and the agitator likes to chew on clothes if it gets a chance. Smaller loads = clothes move around = less chance of damage.
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I'm not sure what it is. Do you line dry the covers and pockets? I do. I don't have a bit of wear after 15 months of prefolds and thirsties covers (well, 11 months with the current sizes). They are still going strong!
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I have some diapers and covers that have been through 3 kids - but, they are ones that weren't used all the time, yk? I have had tons and tons of diapers throughout the years, b/c I always wanted to try something new. Most of the time, our stash was pretty big and varied, so the wonderoos, for example, that I've had for 6 years weren't used on a daily basis. Same with the motherease dipes that still look pretty decent.
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Some of my prefolds held up for 4 babies. Some of them could probably do another 6 months to a year, and some were in shreds by the time dc was out of them. Of course, I did add new diapers to the stash along the way, but some of my fitteds barely lasted for one child, and were thrown out.
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I have used prefolds that I got from someone who used them through one child that are really soft and in great shape, Thirsties covers that look like new and fuzzibunz that have been through one child and are 8 months through this one. They have some pilling but are really in good condition, I'll probably sell them.
The covers I have that didn't last long are Super Brites. Whisper wraps are great and on the second child, they have some fuzzies on the velcro, though. The Lite wraps are like tanks, lol, I think they could last through many kids.
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My peace fleece knit shorties and longies, wool interlock covers I sewed myself and a ton of prefolds I suspect will last throughout my next baby....that will be the 3rd child for most of them and 6th for a lot of the prefolds. I line dry and don't have a large stash so I use the same ones often
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It might depend on the style and size. I have a BTP bamboozles pack i just bought and i can see that though the wraps (of which there are 2 sizes) will almost definitely make it through 2 or more kids, the nappies, which fit from birth to potty, might not, because over the life of the nappy they get used more, kwim?

I bought 2nd hand bambino mio's on eBay when i was PG with DD1 (in the days one could do such things). They had been used by 2 kids already. I used them for DD1 and somewhat for DD2 (who was only 7weeks when the totsbots arrived). The newborn size wraps are very fresh looking, after 4 babies BUT i have 5 of them and you can only use them for a few weeks. The size 1 wraps (good to 7kg) are looking very sad and tired after 3kids + a few weeks with a 4th, but they're still waterproof and useable, just not as pretty and bright as once they were. The inner prefold bit seems to be totally indestructible - i had a lot of them though, all pre-used for 2 kids, and all washed and dried enough that they are soft/shrunken/VERY absorbent. I have retired a few which became stiff and bobbly and they still hold their shape and size, and are excellent cloths for spills, floor cleaning, buffing polished surfaces etc. etc.

I think the main reason my totsbots won't make it through more than 1 kid, if they don't, is that i tumble dry them (according to manufactureres guidelines, but they also say only to do it if you HAVE to) a lot because it has rained and rained here, and they take so so long to dry naturally.
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I use prefolds and ME covers and am on baby 3. I passed along my newborn size prefolds already and they held up great. My next size up ones are looking really ragged (I have 2 sets so 24 prefolds maybe?). My ME covers in small and medium still have lots of life in them, my large ones are getting worn out as they've had longer use. I line dry my covers though, don't know if that helps.
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Most of my stash is pockets, with some fitteds in small & medium. They are on kid #4 now and have held up fine, washed on hot and dried on high and even the occasional *gasp* bleach. I don't line dry anything. The size medium Fuzzi Bunz have been in use every single day since December 2004 and are holding up fine, there have been a few that had the elastic go but not too many.

A little over a year ago I got a second washer, a top loader. I could see more wear & tear on my diapers (holes in inserts, etc.) after 2 months of using the top loader than in 4+ years of using my front loader. I don't use my top loader for diapers anymore, unless I have a ton of laundry to do and don't want to tie up the front loader.
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top loader with a whatsitcalled in the middle and dryers could do it. Synthetics and elastic and snaps also don't hold up as well either.

Although most of my stash is fine after 17 months of use (no EC) and some of it was bought used. I DO have a large stash though... but a few of the diapers I use every single chance I get don't look worse than the ones that get used less often. I'm actually currently using a very small portion of my stash and the only damage I've found has been from the machine, I'm certain of it.
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I Do!

kissaluvs size 0 - worn by six newborn babies... some for as long as five months.

kissaluvs size 1 - worn by five babies... some for as long as a year and a half, most for at least a year.

Fuzzi Bunz - these usually last for two kids before the waterproofing goes on me.

Knicker Nappies - very similar to Fuzzi Bunz, but the water waterproofing seems to be holding up better and I do expect it to last longer.

Prefolds - my chinese prefolds have been in constant use for six years.

Bummis - my Bummis covers usually last for about three kids. I use snaps because they last longer.

Re-Uz-ms - I have a bunch of AIOs from these people because I got them super cheap, one style has been used on three of our four kids, the water proofing went on the other style part way through the second child. They fit big too, so our girls didn't even wear them that much.

Hemparoo - my hemparoo inserts are just starting to go after six years of twice a week washing.

I have some random diaper items from Kushies, Bumkins and Pro Services. They all had a one kid life spans. I have one BumGenius and it is on my "not going to last" list. DS 1 used it for a short time before he outgrew it, and DS 2 is using it now, but I don't have it it heavy rotation because I can see the velcro starting to age.

My loopy-do doublers still work okay, but like most of my microfibre they look like hell.

I'm really impressed with how well my knicker nappies inserts are holding up. I think they are hemp. Actually all of my hemp stuff is lasting really well. Most if it I bought used so I don't even know what brand it is.
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Me! I had a set of Small and Medium FuzziBunz pockets that lasted for three kids! They may have been fine for #4 but I sold them.
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