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We birthed last time with a midwife & bought her pre ordered birth kit so I can't even remember what supplies or how much of them we had. What supplies & what quantity would you all suggest? Most affordable place to get them? I'm going to be ordering this week.
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you can always look at different midwives birth kit lists on supply websites and decide what you think is important to have/not have. I dont know if it's the cheapest but i recently ordered my birth kit from http://www.confidentbeginnings.com/s...edebb1cfe8ceaf they shipped fast and were soooo nice! you can write a comment or question in the box they provide when you are ordering and the owner responds right away! they are so so nice! congratulations on your baby!
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I have a basic list I suggest for homebirths in general:

1 pkg chux pads (OR old towels...don't have to throw them out if you don't want to just pour peroxide over them before you run the washer)
1 bag Depends in your size (I only learned about this after birth #2, and tried them for birth #3...AWESOME for postpartum bleeding the first few days)
1 cord clamp (OR cord tie/embroidery floss OR you can burn through the cord)
6 clean towels
Clean facecloths for hot compresses or to cool mom down
3 lg bottles peroxide
Bottles of Gatorade, sports drink, or homemade “labour-aid” type drink
2 lg blankets, clean
Receiving blankets
Music of your choice, candles, etc for atmosphere and to keep the room dark (don’t leave candles unattended!)
Items for comfort measures: massage oil, tennis balls, birth ball, etc
Scissors for the umbilical cord (should be sterilized during labour)
1 box sterile 4 X 4 gauze pads (if mom wants someone to keep poop outta the way while pushing, also good if you want to blot up blood on the perineum after birth if you need to check for tears)
Peri bottle
Digital thermometer
1 frozen meal for after the birth
Extra large freezer bags for placenta
Large mixing bowl for placenta

If you want your placenta prepped for smoothies/encapsulation:
1 cutting board (dollar store)
1 new, sharp paring knife (dollar store)
Frozen berries (for smoothies)
Juice (for smoothies)

For a water birth:
1 new, unused bucket
A tarp for under the pool
Pool thermometer
Fish net to remove debris from water
Garden hose to drain pool (does not need to be brand new, but should not be used for drinking water after it’s been used for draining the pool)

For a lotus birth:
Small soft sided cooler and 6-8 freezer packs, or
Herbs for the placenta and diapers to wrap it in/bowl to keep it in (there are several resources online)
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This is what my midwifery kit has on it:

30 Basic Underpads, 23x36” - I have this many for the birth and to be on postpartum
2 Aloetouch Sterile Gloves, Small, pairs ) You wouldn't need these unless you are having a friend or family member assessing tears postpartum. Then you want to be sterile.
2 Aloetouch Sterile Gloves, Small, singles
2 Peri Bottle - One is for Olive oil for birth/baby diaper and one is for pp sitz bath
3 Peri Cold Packs, Standard - Cold and awesome and disposable for immediate pp
1 Economy Bulb Syringe, 3 oz. - mec or mucous plug (We don't use this very often)
25 Avant Gauze Toppers - Face wipe for mec (rare) checking vulva, and compresses
2 Straws, Flexible, Individually Wrapped - to drink with
2 Newborn Hats, Economy - tight fitting not so loose like the ones at the store, unbleached
1 Povidone Iodine Scrub Brush - You wouldn't need this. I use it for my instruments
2 Lubricating Jelly, 3 g - You wouldn't need this. In case of exam, you can just check yourself
1 Kleenprint Footprinter -
1 Keepsake Birth Certificate
1 Herbal Cord Care - Really nice for cord. Anti-microbial
1 Cord Ring - Goes over cord, you would need a hemostat to place
1 Hydrogen Peroxide, 16 oz. - For blood on carpet type of thing, don't use often2 Emergen-C Packets, choose flavor
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to add to Maggie Dreamers list I was recommended to make some ice pads with witch hazel and have them ready to go to insert in the depends to help with discomfort..

peri bottle with witch hazel and/or water for after using the potty for the first few days

plastic cover for your bed (i found one for $6 at a dollar general queen sized for my bed) some people say shower curtains work good.

old sheets to go over the plastic

personally i got shepherds purse tincture for PPH (i never hemoraged but my mom did so i'm paranoid)

Some one suggested new skin for skid marks/minor tears

i plan to have some popsicles on hand to give an energy boost if needed during long labor.
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