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vegan pregnancy help

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hi all.. i am really struggling with breakfast ideas for this pregnancy. i need high protein ideas that arent so centered around soy.

any ideas?!?
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i love steel cut oats cooked with fresh berries, granolas, peanut butter bagels.
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I have found that I really like bean or lentil soups for breakfast. Seems weird but it has worked for me.
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I'm another steel cut oats person with berries and nuts. I also had peanut butter on bagels or toast. And I ate lots of bean burritos and other simple bean dishes.

ETA: Sometimes I like to have leftover supper for breakfast, especially when I was pregnant. I would usually have to start with an EDY's fruit Popsicle, followed by plain toast, before I was able to eat something substantial.
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Hmm, I was vegan 2 years before I got pregnant and I just died for some cheese (I ended up vegetarian for my pregnancy).
I would try to make savoury, rich meals.

-Nutritional yeast sprinkled on vegan mac and cheese before you bake it in the oven is delicious.
-Vegan stuffing with tofurkey.
-baked root vegetables with olive oil and garlic
-vegan cream of mushroom soup (Soups of all kinds!!)
-vegan chocolate cake

Just try to figure out what you want to eat and google it to find a vegan recipe. You might have to spend more time in the kitchen, but you'll be thankful.
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I tend to like traditional-breakfast foods in the morning, so peanut butter is the most likely high-protein source to find its way into my breakfast. On toast or an english muffin, stirred into oatmeal, in a smoothie, etc. I also like cold quinoa with dried fruit, nuts, and cinnamon.
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Oh, I completely skipped over the word breakfast in the OP!

Yes, I love peanut butter (protein) on bagels. Almond milk (calcium) with cereal. Apples for folic acid. Vegan muffins, with wild blueberries. Scrambled tofu with toast. Sauteed mushrooms with olive oil and greens with toast. Fresh jam on scones. Pancakes with syrup. Crepes with fruit. Smoothies. Chia soaked with chocolate soy milk is so yummy.

If you don't feel like having typical breakfast foods for breakfast, you could have a lunch or dinner type breakfast.
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When I was pregnant and vegan I had a hard time eating much of anything at all..I ended up eating a lot of protein bars and shakes because it was an easier way to get a lot of protein quickly and it didn't upset my stomach too badly..
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You can do a macro breakfast: miso soup, a grain (brown rice, millet, barley, etc.) and some steamed leafy greens garnished w/ gomasio. Might not sound palatable but it's actually quite satisfying and super nutritious.
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I like oatmeal with peanut butter and flax or hemp seeds for breakfast
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how about adzuki beans and porridge? Or brown rice?
ezekiel english muffins with hummus? or almond butter.
Sunny burgers with ketchup and homefries? Potatoes actually have quite a bit of protein for a carb...but... That being said, what about baked potatoes with that almond cheese stuff on it (I've never actually tried almond cheese, but hey...who knows?)
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