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genital herpes outbreak at 38w and freaking out WEIRD UPDATE #20 HAPPY UPDATE # 24 - Page 2

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How frustrating! Wishing you the best, mama.
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How frustrating that the doctor doesn't know the difference between HPV and HSV. I am glad that you aren't having an active outbreak. Hopefully things will go well when your babe is ready to come.

Thanks for that link too. That is an extensive listing of foods. I'm going to bookmark it cuz I have a hard time remembering the specifics and tend to just put things in general categories, ie. dairy = good, nuts = bad.
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Wow - that is unimaginable ignorance on the part of your OBGYN. I cannot believe that he thought HPV and HSV were the same thing. I've been following this thread as I have gone through 4 pregnancies (almost done with #4) and I've had 4 different OB physicians (due to our frequent moving with DH's job), and I have always had them put me on Valtrex suppressive therapy around 32-36 weeks. They recommend 500mg Valtrex per day, but I usually cut them in half and take 250mg/day, and that has been enough to suppress the outbreak/potential outbreak. What you are describing would scare me, too, and I think you've done the right thing by having the tests done to get some confirmation of what you are dealing with. I'll be watching for your update.

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How frustrating! Maybe it was something else all along? One time I was unable to see my dr so I saw the other dr available. I had a really bad yeast infection and she ripped me a knew one and said it was herpes. We argued about it and I left with the promise that they would have my test results in a few days. A week later I got a call that there was no herpes, but my yeast infection was bad enough to cause blisters and lesions and they wanted to give me a stronger medicine. People put trust in drs. We expect them to know what they are talking about and to order the [I]correct[I] test!
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Turns out „good to go“ was all my body needed to hear!
We left the house at 05:05 h on the morning of 08/18 (yes it’s true, we checked the clock in the car) after I’d realized that this time the night time contractions weren’t just pains that were going to go away again. Also, the need to take care of the laundry I’d forgotten in the washer at four in the morning and bloody show tipped me off! We put a coat and shoes on DS and dropped him off at the grandparents on the way. Came in at L&D at 5.30 where I spent almost one boring hour on a monitor, after which I insisted on a very thorough visual exam. So yet another doc again confirmed that lesions in the place we described were completely gone and that the bumps that were supposedly there had, with absolute certainty, nothing to do with herpes. His opinion was that with visible lesions gone, there was no reason to assume that I was anymore infectious than any of the millions of asymptomatic shedders out there who birth vaginally all the time, in fact he thought my risk of transmission was rather lower, being on suppressive therapy and having recent antibodies going. He offered me the CS as elective surgery but emphasized he really didn’t recommend it.
DD was born completely intervention-free at 08:08 h on the morning of 08/18, weighing 3355 g. She’s sleeping on me now.
They are so confident for her health they do not even see a need for monitoring her beyond their normal protocols – I’ve asked. I’ll just do it myself and mention it to the peds coming in tomorrow.
Thank you for helping me on this journey!
I’ll update later on the again super-weird phone call from the obgyn I listened to on my service, but I’d rather not think of this right now- enjoying my DD!
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So glad to hear everything turned out well! Congrats on the new babe!
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Yay! Congratulations, mama!
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I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on the arrival of your darling daughter. Enjoy your babymoon!
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Wow, that surprised me! Huge congrats on your new daughter
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OH wow! Good work mama, in more ways than one! You worked so hard to ensure the safest birth for your baby and I'm so happy you had the vaginal birth you wanted! Happy baby mooning!
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What a great update!
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I put Grapefruit Seed Extract on mine when I get a breakout, clears it up fast! My midwife always said she would put surgical glue on it if I had an outbreak during labor!
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