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How Did I Do?

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Hi, ladies. I am a young woman, and though I am childless myself, I am passionate about natural birthing/parenting--studying to be a doula, in fact. I work at a popular downtown bakery that is a go-to spot for mamas with small children. Today I was cleaning a table next to a family and I remarked that their baby daughter was very cute. The mother, who was wearing one of those apron-type nursing covers responded, "I'm sorry I have to do this in here, but she doesn't like formula." I was taken aback for a minute, but I smiled and said, "Anytime you need to nurse in here, please feel free." The grandmother looked surprised and said, "Oh, you're supportive of that?" (meaning the bakery) and I said, "Oh yes, of course."

So my question is, did I handle the situation okay? I didn't even notice the mother was wearing the apron until she mentioned it, so I was kind of scrambling for words. I thought about these forums and what would make somebody post a positive thread about our bakery. I'm going to ask my boss if we can put the international breastfeeding symbol in our window.
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I think you did great! I would have loved for someone to say that to me while I was NIP. Mostly people left me alone or didn't notice what I was doing, but positive comments are wonderful!
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Great job! Your words were the perfect encouragement and support that a NIPing mom should hear! Well done!
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Poor thing, she'd probably been self-conscious for some reason. If I heard that as a nursing mom I'd have been thrilled!
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