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Blood pressure

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I am asking this in the UC forum, even though I am not Ucing, because I want the opinion of mama's who are in charge of their own prenatal care. I am mostly Uping. I have seen a Dr. 3 times thus far (for ultrasound/blood testing and other stuff I can't do at home), and plan on one more visit at the end for the GBS test...although I am still weighing pros and cons on that test.

Anyways, at all 3 Dr. visits, my blood pressure has been high. Between 130/82 and 139/86. I have a home monitor and my pressure is always low normal. Also, I test at several different machines around town with similar results. I am convinced that my pressure rises at the clinic because every fiber of my being HATES it there. Also, I've since learned that the position the Dr. uses to take my bloodpressure in is incorrect and may be increasing my numbers. Just thinking about my next visit gives me a heavy feeling in my chest . I really don't think I have a problem with blood pressure at this point

So my question is, how comfortable would you be in this situation with high blood pressure only when taken by a Dr? I do feel comfortable that I am in good health, but would just like to talk about it a bit, and hear what you think.
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Oh this is really normal! You have white coat syndrome. So pretty much anytime we are under stress our bp changes as a reaction... the fight or flight thing. http://www.howtogetridofstuff.com/he...coat-syndrome/

Personally I would use the bp that you take at home relaxed as your baseline. The blood pressure reading is given as two numbers, with the top number representing the systolic and bottom number the diastolic pressure (for example, 110/80). A systolic reading of 140 or higher, or a diastolic reading of 90 or higher, is considered high blood pressure. In fact I would take daily bp's and bring a list to your doctor if you are worried that the high readings will effect how your physician views the status of your pregnancy (ie labeling you high risk because of your bp).

The only thing that would concern me, if I was you, is this doctor going to be the one you deliver with? If so, I'd consider switching providers. Your increased bp is a indication that you are not comfortable. Laboring nervous makes things much more physically uncomfortable. And feels less emotionally safe. With all the hormones at work during labor, it would be a shame to be stressed or scared and have those hormones affect the release of oxytocin (which reduces feeling of physical pain and helps bonding). It might be worth trying to find a provider that you feel relaxed and comfortable around. And learning some relaxing breathing technique, or hypnotherapy.

Wishing you a continued healthy, normal pregnancy!
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Thanks so much for your advice. I started recording my BP about a month ago and I will take it next time I go in. The Dr. I am seeing is one of 6 who might be around when I give birth. Where I live, being able to change providers is such a joke...and birthing options are limited to Dr. in hospital or a UC about 45 mins from hospital. I can't get in the right headspace to UC so far from emergency care, in the rare chance we might need it. I am so dissapointed with birthing in a hospital and my option for care and yes, it does worry me that the fact of being in a hospital will make my birth experience all the more difficult. Right now I am seeing it as a trade off.
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