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We met when my son was 1 year old and his son was 6. I had been on my own for 10 months or so. We are both farmers so we met at one of the markets and I went over to check out the farm a few months later. It took us a few weeks to start going on dates and soon after that we kissed and fell right in love. Now we have been together for a year and he is moving in. Go places and do things that you enjoy doing and you may find someone there who matches you!
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We met at the laundromat. I was reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. He asked me what I was reading, at which time I closed the book and turned to face him. He was relieved that I immediately gave him my attention. (His version of the story is that I was surrounded by men who were all too afraid to talk to me and that the moment he began talking to me, they all disappeared. I told him that their laundry was probably done. LOL) We discussed the topics you're not supposed to discuss in the beginning: religion and politics. We exchanged numbers. He called me later that day. We talked on the phone several times that week, went hiking the next weekend and have been inseparable ever since.

The funny thing is that Home Makeover was building a house for a local family and I'd given a friend a ride to the construction/filming site. Therefore, I did my laundry nearby the site so that I could pick her up afterward. It wasn't the laundromat that I usually went to. And my husband usually did his laundry on Saturday but decided to do it on Sunday that particular weekend. So I was at a laundromat I never went to and he did his laundry on a day that he normally wouldn't have. We both feel that it was fate/meant to be.

I was actually very happy with my life at that time. I wasn't looking to meet anyone, having recently had a relationship end. But I was open to meeting someone and had an uncanny feeling that day that I would meet someone very special. ... I told concerned friends and family that it would all come out in the wash. LOL Seriously, I couldn't be happier.
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I met DH at a 3 week professional education program that was like summer camp for grown-ups. DS was with my sister while I went. I hadn't been dating for a couple of years and was very 'mommyish' not remembering how to flirt. But after a couple of days in this very flirty environment I started looking around, DH and I hooked up at the end of the first week. We were never going to see each other again when it was over but we couldn't stay away from each other and we ended up engaged 9 months after we met. DS and I moved 300 miles to live with DH and we just had our 4th wedding anniversary. It hasn't always been easy but it was definitely the right thing.
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Love this thread! Please keep sharing, folks.
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Met my hubby on DeviantART just after I got married to my first hubby.

We were great friends but NEVER thought of anything romantic between us.

Then I started my divorce... and we met in person a couple times and started dating after that because we realized, in person, there were a lot of feelings there.
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I actually met my husband when I was 10 years old. We were playing D&D together. Romantic, right? We remained friends and I ended up dating one of his friends, and he dated one of mine. We went on double dates. I got pregnant with my daughter - and her dad did the cliche deadbeat route. My husband and I remained friends through all of this and he just kind of took on this dad-role to my daughter. We ended up realizing that we should be together when she was 4 months old. We got married 2 years later.
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I was in the process of leaving my xh, and a friend of mine offered to let me and my then 2-year-old dd stay at her apartment. The only thing was that we'd have to share a room with one of her roommates, who just happened to be a guy. So I went to her place on New Year's Eve 1998 (she was having a party) and met the guy and asked if he would mind sharing his room with me and my dd because I needed a place to stay so I could leave my husband.

Well, we ended up chatting for a long time like we'd always known each other, and dd and I moved in a few days later. A couple of weeks after that, the guy and I realized we had feelings for each other, and we've been together ever since. Together almost 12 years, married almost 4, and 3 children together (plus dd1).
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My DP was my best friend/neighbor's son. We never liked each other, I thought he was a jerk and he thought I was snobby. When XDH and I seperated, he basically kicked me out of the house, and I had no where else to go, so I stayed next door at my friend's house. DP and I got to know each other, found out our assumptions were wrong, and we became friends... eventually became much more and now we share a home, we adopted a dog, and we're still going strong 1.5 years later.
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DP and I had been on the edges of one another's social circles for awhile; he grew up with one of my best girlfriends and they remained friends, but he had moved an hour away for his job when he graduated from college. We had heard of one another but had never met. He eventually went through a bad breakup of a long term relationship and opted to buy a house back in his hometown near his family and commute to work. He thought some of my posts on my girlfriend's wall on Facebook were hilarious and friended me. He makes masks as a hobby, and was wearing one in most of his profile pics, which made me curious (who IS that masked man??!!). We started chatting as we began to notice that we have an identical sense of humor and share a lot of interests. After hanging out a few times, he asked me out and the rest is history. We just got along amazingly from the beginning. He's my best friend, adores my kids, and we have a very happy little home together.
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