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raspberry - We are very similar in our weight gains! I started this pregnancy at 148, 10 lbs heavier than my others. After a lb loss this week I am at 164 (total gain of 16 lbs). I feel both good and bad about it. Good because at almost 23 weeks I feel like 16 lbs is pretty good, but bad because I feel like it has all gone straight to my butt and thighs! I haven't been eating too badly and I have been exercising except for several weeks in the first tri when I was sick. I did a really fast walk last night for 2 miles and did my yoga video last night. I felt really great inspite of some pretty intense back pain!

With that said, I am almost 5'8" and I am usually around 138-140 but I like my body better on the skinny side 'cause I have a long, but small bone structure. I really loved weighing 133 after my 2nd child! I also would LOVE to not gain more that 30 lbs with this baby but I doubt that will happen. I would be happy with 35 at this point.
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Originally Posted by Happy912 View Post
Do you have any advice on how many calories I should be eating daily? I used to be much more active, but since the pregnancy, I have not done much. I am doing gentle yoga for 40 minutes twice weekly and am trying to get in 30 minute walks most nights.

I would like to be within the healthy range for weight gain, but I just want to make sure I make "safe" adjustments to my calories, ya know?
I found this site through this forum when I was searching for what my calorie needs were. It's nice because it factors in how active you are, starting, and height.

I'm up 3 pounds since using this, but I'm only 17 weeks.
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wolfmom- I was definitely comforted when I saw the scale read an even 175 because that was my weight at my last visit 1 month ago. I typically gain a little each month in T2. I did exercise more-lots of walking and figured that played a role. I would like to stay at 175 for the remainder of T2. But that's still 6 weeks away right? T3 begins at Week 28, I think.

I gain it fast and furious in the later part of T3, no fun...
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I am 20 weeks and up 2lbs total. I am going for a VBAC, and my doc has stressed the importance of not gaining too much weight. With my first, I gained 55+ lbs...YIKES! I lost it all fairly quickly and was about 10lbs under my #1 pre-pregnancy weight when I got pregnant this time. I have been really watching it! Not restricting, of course, but making a much bigger effort to control my diet this time. My OB said if I were to gain 25lbs, he'd like to see 1lb per month for the first 20 weeks and 1lb per week for the second 20 weeks, no more than that. I hope I can keep this up!

Oh, also, I was/am about 20lbs overweight anyway, so it's not like I don't have a little extra for the both of us to live on.
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I'd have to go back and look at what I gained with DD but so far this pregnancy, I've gained approx 7 lbs (depends on what I ate the day before). I'm 19.5 weeks. Though I'm overweight I know I can gain up to 25 lbs but I'm not undereating at all (the opposite sometimes!) but I am very conscious of my weight gain and know that it will be going up the more the baby grows.
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Originally Posted by whoami View Post
I found this site through this forum when I was searching for what my calorie needs were. It's nice because it factors in how active you are, starting, and height.

I'm up 3 pounds since using this, but I'm only 17 weeks.
Thanks for the link! I think that will really help me out a lot!
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I've gained either 9 or 14lbs (somehow between switching of practices my beginning weight got lost). I'm really thinking I'm at 14lbs at 21wks. EEEK! That being said, I was eating really well and doing P90X until 17wks when I totally got lazy and fell off the wagon (was also having some worrisome contrax which made me too nervous to work out any longer) and then promptly put on 7-10lbs in those FOUR weeks. Not feeling great about that. I'd really love for this heat to be gone so I can be out riding bikes with my kids and not feel like I'm going to pass out.

And I gained 30lbs with #1 and about 12lbs with #2 (much more MS).
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Originally Posted by coraljean View Post
I actually have no idea how much I weigh right now. I haven't weighed myself at all this pregnancy. My midwife doesn't bring a scale with her and just has you tell her your weight around the beginning, middle and end of pregnancy. I'm surprised your midwife is making such a big deal about it. I gained about 40 pounds with my first one, and lost all of it and more carrying my baby around town, breastfeeding, and now trying to keep up with him! I would have times during my last pregnancy where I seemed to gain a lot all at once like a growth spurt, so maybe you just had one of those. I've known plenty of people who have gained what you have at the point you are at. My midwife does recommend not eating too much sugar and carbs (which turn into sugar in your body). The general guidelines say you need an extra 200 calories a day while pregnant. More exercise is a good idea, just don't overdo it and try not to stress out about it!
yeah I was a little disheartened, to be honest. Just because I have had so many people say that, regardless of how healthy they were and their level of exercise, they still gained tons...and they have just said to not get too bothered by it.

part of me knows that I was making some unhealthy food choices and that some of the weight gain is attributable to that...so that's what I am trying to work on- just making the food choices more healthy and getting in some light exercise daily.
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MW said I measured a little big this appt. I'm 24 weeks and I've gained 19 lbs. I started at 124 (a good weight for me) and am now 143. She wasn't concerned at all about the amount of weight, and she didn't suggest twins either.
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You know I have no great advice here. My first pregnancy I was 5'7" 135. I gained well over 45 pounds. I have no idea why. Maybe I ate more junk, I know I ate more overall because I had heartburn so I ate a lot to soothe it. But I thought I ate pretty healthy, cheese and grapes and crackers were my snack, I drank a lot of water.

This time I started at 128 pounds, and at 20 weeks, I have gained maybe 2-3 pounds. I had hyperemesis both times. I don't think I ate any differently, I know it's not a healthy diet, I eat what I can get down. Last time I gained 15 pounds by 12 weeks.

First time I was told baby was measuring on target. This time I am told baby is measuring big. I have really no clue as to the difference in weight, it's not intentional by any means, and both times I have been unable to exercise because of the hyperemesis. DD was 8 pounds when born.

I wouldn't stress and wouldn't let the midwife stress about it either.
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Last time I was really not wanting to know the numbers so I had my MW not tell me the wt. but let me know if I needed to increase or decrease intake. The stupid OB nurse insisted telling me when I was admitted to L and D so I know I gained 28 pounds total.

This time I'm ok with knowing. I see a dietition for gestational diabetes. Her scale shows only a 6 pound wt. gain at 22 weeks. She freaked out and wants me to eat avocados and flax oil with every meal. Had an OB appointment 2 days later and her scale shows a 10 pound wt. gain. OB didn't even mention it. Not really sure how to take it, but just continuing to eat healthy food when I'm hungry and exercising when my body feels well. Seems like a pretty wide range for what's healthy for each woman and each pregnancy.
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I gained 60 pounds last time! It was crazy. I went from 130 to 190. I told DH that he better gain some weight so I did not weigh more than him He jokes that he still has not lost the "baby weight"!

The OB said that since I had been underweight the year before, my body was probably just stocking up, just in case. I was on my feet working and eating decently. Although I did follow their stupid "low salt" advice which I am not now and noticing the swelling is dramatically less this time around. I am up about 10 pounds now.

I would try not to stress about it. Just eat the best you can.
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With DD #1 I started out 110lbs at 5'0'' and gained up to 156 by the time she was born. With this pregnancy i started out weighing more than I did when I had DD #1 and i've only gained 2lbs...my doctor hasn't said anything to me but i'm almost 24 weeks and I figured I would have gained more than that. I'm greatful that I haven't though because I was in the process of losing my weight that I gained before me and my DH got to gether when we finally got pregnant!!!!! I wouldn't worry too much about weight gain because everyone will lose and gain weight differently...and obviously it's even different from pregnancy to pregnancy with the same woman.
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I'll definitely check back in after my next appt and let you know MW's reaction to this next scale reading.

Except for a bad day here or there, I've been pretty vigilent about my calories and monitoring the weight- I've been much better about getting healthy snacks and more protein, so I hope it shows!!!
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I started out around 110 lbs and am about 5'4 tall - so definitely on the skinny side, but I've always been that way and never had to watch what I eat (I have a crazy high metabolism). At my 24 week appointment last week I weighed 132, which is a gain of around 22 lbs. My midwife says that's a little more than I need to have gained at this point, but that since I started so small it's not that big of a deal and she expects me to gain around 35-40 total.

I never had any morning sickness and have a pretty healthy appetite anyway, which increased almost immediately after the BFP. So I started gaining right away. I think part of the reason I've gained more than expected is that I'm feeding my cravings as well as trying to eat good stuff too. So I do feel like I'm eating more than I actually WANT to eat, because I'll eat something bad for me cause I want it (like something carb-filled and sugary or greasy/fatty), and then I have to make myself eat some veggies and/or healthy proteins.

I'm really not that worried about it. I look great - all the extra weight is in my belly and boobs (only a little extra in the butt/thighs). I don't even look pregnant from the back. I don't want to go crazy and gain 50+ (that would be a LOT of weight on my small frame) but I think I'm doing fine. I just need to eat ONE brownie, not FOUR and one cheeseburger with lots of veggies on the side instead of two cheeseburgers and fries.
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weight is not usally something I talk about. But, I was 203 at the begining. My last apoinmetn I was 211. so 8 pounds so far.
I haven't been feeling well for a couple of days and have been losing about a pound a day.
I don't even want to go on the scale anymore.
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Originally Posted by Happy912 View Post
thanks for all the chiming in!

I think I will just plan to up my exercise (I honestly did nothing...like NOTHING the first 4 months of this pregnancy, so I am starting with adding 1 mile every other day on the treadmill and two yoga workouts.

I wasn't really watching my food, so I've started my food journal again and I am going to make sure I am getting my water and tea daily, which will hopefully curb my drinking of caloric beverages. It's also making me realize when I haven't eaten enough protein.

The food journal will help me slow down with the chocolate/sweets/cookies, which are my downfall too.

The food journal sounds like an excellent idea, but please don't kick yourself if you have an occasional goodie. Moderation is key here (but isn't it always?)

Speaking of moderation... be gentle with your new exercise routine. If you've don't "nothing" for four months, start slowly. Your body will tell you how much you can handle. And drink water!
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Well, I fixed my scale, and was dreading getting on it. I feel HUGE! and I have gone up a pants size due to my now rather large butt. However, it is not awful. I have gained 17 lbs, most of them in the 1st trimester when I was only really eating pasta and bread. With my last pregnancy I gained about 35lbs. I am guessing it will be similar this time around. And I lost it all and then some in a matter of months.

I have started to monitor my eating as I am measuring my blood sugar 1 and 2 hours after each meal now. I don't want to do the OGT, but also don't want to mess about with GD (if I have it. I didn't have it last time). I think this monitoring will help me get my snacking under control.

I am also looking forward to more walking when this heat abates! I really need it.
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weight gain

hello all,

This is my first pregnancy and I'm at 25 weeks and I've gained about 15 pounds. I started out at 162, I'm 5'9", and my bmi is normal, I'm fairly muscular. I've been pretty much eating when I'm hungry. I was a big snacker before pregnancy, so I am still snacking, although in the first trimester, I was hungry all the time in the morning. Then, this trimester, my appetite has felt fairly normal. Although, with this heat, and it being summer, I've been enjoying ice cream every day or every other day. But, I just have about a scoop/scoop and a half... which is probably what I would have eaten even not being pregnant.
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