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Never. I really don't like them. I don't really care if anyone sees any part of my breast - it's just skin. We all have nipples. I'm a lot braver sitting here typing than I am in public - I do tend to try to avoid "flashing" - but I'd rather flash than act as though there's something shameful about my breasts.

I do wear nursingwear quite a lot though, because while I quite like my breasts and don't mind showing them off, I'm less confident in that stomach flab! Plus they're warmer
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My dad's wife has given me a few nursing covers, and I don't plan on using them ~ my baby's really young still and I've only NIP twice as of yet, but both times were fine by me. For the first time, I was in Starbucks and just went to a quiet corner, I felt more comfortable not being in the middle of the busy cafe. I am admittedly a little shy about exposing my breast, so what I do is wear nursing clothing or, with regular shirts you can use one of those pregnancy belly-bands to cover your torso while the shirt is pulled up. And I then make sure my breast is mostly covered by the shirt or my son's head.

However, I think in certain situations, like an airplane, I may nurse while DS in in the wrap or use a cover, just because that's REAL close-up!

But I agree with PPs, that nursing covers draw attention to the fact that you're nursing, but yeah they do cover-up nicely so if that's the point then they do the job. Anyway I live in Germany and luckily people are pretty indifferent to NIP here. I think the way people get offended or ask a woman not to NIP is quite an American phenomenon.
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As a PP said, it's too hot here and it's another thing to carry. I do wear nursing tops, though. And I'm not bothered if someone else wants to use a cover, as long as it's not expected of everyone.
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Originally Posted by SubliminalDarkness View Post
Nope, never. Not under any circumstance. I also won't leave the room to nurse.
This exactly.

When my son was very new still (the first month or 2) I was a little hesitant or shy about being in public and I think I remembering covering him and myself sometimes. Then I just got more and more used to it and comfortable. I almost started viewing it as my mission to nurse as publicly as possible, lol.

Now I barely even think about it. We live in a college town with a lot of guys in their 20s.. (I'm in my 20s as well) and there has been the occasional time I have looked down and realized that baby has flashed my breasts and that guys are looking and pointing it out to their friends, lol. But it really doesn't even bother me anymore.

And honestly I can't imagine the extra logistics of juggling a cover. He's 1 yr old now and he is enough to juggle!
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Originally Posted by lazzybee View Post
Sometimes. I'm more comfortable using it because my LO likes to pop off and look around constantly.
I wished I'd have gotten one for this reason. But you said you do just fine without it so I'd skip it. I wanted one for me, not because I think moms need to be covered.
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I cover when in mixed company, but like the nursery at church when it's just ladies in there? Pft! Yeah right. I'm just not comfortable exposing any body part (breast, stomach, back, whatever). I am very self conscious, and I have worshipped with sexual offenders/predators before and wouldn't want to do ANYTHING (even though it SHOULDN'T, doesn't mean it DOESN'T) to cause them to lust/sin.
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