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If losing weight slowly is best...

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then I'm great at this! I'm going so slowly that I've completely stopped and even started to move backwards.


Any tips for keeping up the motivation? I always start strong when I attempt weight loss/fitness goals, but then I lose my patience/motivation/energy and end up worse off than I started.
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I did great at first, losing 20 pounds betweek December '09 and April of this year. Then I stalled out until the end of July. I was tired of working out all the time and staying the same weight, so I joined Weight Watchers three weeks ago. I've lost a little over a pound a week since I joined, so it looks like I'm getting back on track.
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Make a list of WHY your goal is what it is and hang it up where you will see it often (your bathroom mirror or fridge or whatever).

If part of the reason that you wanted to lose weight you've already achieved, then think though WHY your goal is to weigh even less.

For example, when I first started out, I wanted to be able to go into a store and buy clothes. I just wanted to a size, any size, and buy pants. I reached that goal long before I got to a healthy weight, but I really stalled out when I got down to a size 14 because it was such a nice, normal size!

(I eventually lost 70 pounds)

I want to be a healthy weight because

* I feel best at that weight
* I have more energy
* I feel more confident
* I want to stay as healthy as possible as long as possible
* I have a lot of cute clothes in that size I want to wear!
* I like setting a good example for my daughters
* I like knowing that I'm doing my best to take care of myself
* I feel sexier
* I like to keep my husband on his toes

I also go to WW meetings, which I find very helpful. I really like the weekly motivation and support. (I'm lifetime!)
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My way of getting motivated is motivating others to stay healthy. I know that I need to keep working on my health and fitness if I want to be able to help others.

The biggest thing that has helped me to stay motivated is having good motivational buddies. You can find a workout buddy online or choose a friend that lives close to you. Just find someone who won't be afraid to tell you that you need to get your butt moving!!
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