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Ped recommendation in SLC & a kindergarten vax Q

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Appearently my old pediatrician isn't appreciative of home births and I need to find a new one. I took my home birth baby in at 3 months for a meet and greet and got chewed out about how I had risked her life by having her at home' and not vaxing. She even treated my baby like she was poison! She didn't talk to to her, was kind of rough with her and barely even looked at her. I was appauled.
I really need to find a new ped ASAP as I don't want to go back to that one. Can anyone suggest a ped in SLC (or even closer to magna as thats where we will be moving soon) thats home birth/ non vax, selective vax friendly? The girls are on CHIP through Selectmed so they will need to accept select med.

Also, I heard that the ChickenPoxvax is required for kindergarten entry. Anyone know anything on that?

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We have a Pediactric Nurse Practitioner, and I love her. I dont know if you would consider her too far away though, she is in downtown SLC on S Temple. Let me know and I'll give you her info. I would have been FURIOUS if a Dr handled my baby roughly, that is terrible!

I'm not 100% sure, but I think UT is one of the states that allows all three types of exemptions for school req vax. I'd suggest popping over to the vax board and asking. My DS is only 8 mo, and I'm already planning on homeschooling, so I dont know a lot about that, but I bet they could help you.

Good luck Mama
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I'm sorry you and your lo were treated that way. We use a pediatrician in Riverton (where we live) right after bangeter. He's pro vax but respects parents rights to refuse/select or delay vaxes. As a result he has both patients that are not vaxxed and that are. We like him a lot since we don't vax and he respects our decision. Their office accepts selectmed (which is what we have as well). As far as your other question, I know that our state has all three exemptions, and you can also opt out if you want. Hth
Good luck finding a dr.
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varicella is "required", as are an MMR booster and I *think* a DaPT booster. However, getting an exemptuon from the state health department is easy. Go in to your nearest location and request a vaccine exemption form; they will assume you mean a philosophical exemption. It's $15 per kid. The checkbox options allow for "all vaccines" or "specific vaccines" which you then have, to list. If you started to vax and then changed your mind, just don't mention previous vax and check "all vaccines" (what I did with my first kid.).
Sorry I can't help the ped thing...I'm in the market, too.
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I get my vax exemptions for philosophical reasons and have never had to pay anything. Go to the Health Dept. on Main in SLC.
My ped is in Murray, not sure if you'd want to drive that far. He doesn't really bother me about vaxes but does ask if I want them.
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I was told this year that the fee is new. Something else that they told me differently from last year is that the same form is good til HS graduation. The last two years they told me I needed a new form every year. I think my office (Davis Co) sometimes makes things up as they go :P
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I have an awesome ped, but she's downtown on 1st street. Dr. Suzanne Holbrook. We delayed vax's and when I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it or not, she went ahead and wrote me an exemption form saying it was her recommendation that he not be vax'd it was a form I could have taken with me to school if I had stayed non-vax.

I also had a bad experience with a ped who my MIL recommended as he was my Dh's ped..he pulled back my ds's forskin when he was only 4 months old, and it tore the skin! When I took him to Dr. Holbrook, she said I don't touch the foreskin until they are like two..and then we talk to him about how he can loosen it himself. She has been super respectful to our family and she takes medicaid (not sure about Chip..but I assume if she take medicaid, she'll take Chip). She's always a minimalist treater..the gentler the better. She's very non-invasive, which I love! PM me if you want her contact info
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Good to know about the new fee. I turned in exemptions that I had gotten last year for kindy this year and a new preschool and they seemed okay with the old forms. That will be great if I don't have to go to the Health Dept. every year!
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