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What is everyone packing?

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I have my bag out airing out before I start packing it. I had one baby at 35+5 and had my first baby at 40+5. So I could go anything between those dates. I want to be prepared this time. I want to be comfortable and not get bored. Lol. My hospital is cold in the l&d rooms, but hot in the postpartum rooms. I'm definitely taking my laptop. I can watch movies on my laptop. I'm taking my Kindle also. Just wondering what y'all are going to take too.
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I think I'm packing two bags, one for 'heading to the hospital pushing' and one for 'stuck in the #@$% hospital because of PROM or something'. So then we can grab one bag or two depending on the situation at the time and not have to bring so much if we do. I will be bringing my moby wrap, clothes for the baby, some toiletries and not much else. I'm hoping not to be there a long time. Maybe I should bring a book since I will actually have time there without DH unlike the first time. The stuck in the hospital bag will have more entertainment/food stuff in it.
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oops duplicate
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Last time I had a small labor bag and a postpartum bag, I think I'll do the same thing this time. Ben can bring the postpartum bag when he comes with the kids.
Labor bag: bathrobe, my own pillow, hairbrush and ponytail holders, warm socks and chapstick, camera, batteries, list of phone numbers
Postpartum: toiletries, breast pads and lanolin, clothes for me/ baby, CD for baby to come home in
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I also meant to add... when do you plan on having it all packed? Do you have a set week where in your head you'd like to be packed by or are you just waiting for "the right time" to pack??
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I'm going to try and be packed by 34 weeks. It might sound silly, but that's when I had PROM with ds, and I wasn't packed or ready and it sucked. So I'm just going to feel more relaxed this time around having my bag packed by then.

As far as what I'm packing, I think it's going to look something like this:

binsi skirt & sports bra (will wear this to the hospital)
2 pairs yoga pants (my preferred pj pants)
2 nursing bras
2 nursing tops
3 pair comfy old underwear
2 pair nursing pads
shampoo, conditioner, razor, face wash & lotion
my own baby wash & lotion to use instead of the J&J at the hospital
disposable pads
hair ties
2 pair soft socks
swaddling blanket
3 newborn sleepers
boppy pillow
my own chem-free disposable diapers & wipes
1 going home cloth diaper
hypnobabies cd's
birth plan

I think that's it...
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I suck at packing I probably won't bother till I'm in labor, then I'll make dh do it for me A couple changes of underwear and nursing bras, nursing pads, socks, clothes to wear home, camera and batteries, laptop and cell phone and chargers, a book, and that's probably about it.
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Great thread! This is my first time so I feel like I will probably overpack but knowing what you ladies with experience are bringing is helpful.
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I'll probably pack at 38.5 weeks when I finish work. First one: I packed super early (but did birth at 37 weeks). Second one: I thought I'd wait till I was in labor (40 weeks on the dot). I did wait, but regreted it, b/c I had a 30 hour labor with 1 and a 4 hour labor with #2-- and the packing experience was not so fun.
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With DS, I packed a bag for me and a bag for him.

I delivered 1.5 hours away and DH forgot the diaper bag with everything for the baby. lol

And I didn't crack open my bag until just before I was discharged!...except for my computer!

I guess I'm just not that picky. I wore hospital gowns and expect to this time. I kept DS naked except for a diaper (and they made me keep his hat on...) and had him against me all the time. I also didn't feel up to showering until the day we were discharged.

I was pretty much naked from the waist up for a month, so I didn't really care whether I was pulling down a gown (those snap shoulder things work fine for me) or wearing a cardigan and nothing else on top (my uniform when we came home).

I might pack one of DH's undershirts. They're so soft and were all I could stand against my very beat-up nipples (we had issues) after DS was born. We may actually have visitors in the hospital this time, so I guess I should plan for that...

I guess my point is that the main things I worry about packing are entertainment. Other than that, the hospital will provide *something* I can use, and DH can be sent home for the rest if necessary ;-)
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I'll probably pack everything at the beginning of September. My list looks a lot like Mistymama's, except I'm also bringing. . .

cellphone, ipod and laptop and their respective chargers.
I haven't decided what I want to labor in yet. I dislike the hospital gowns so much.
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Originally Posted by PieKat View Post
I haven't decided what I want to labor in yet. I dislike the hospital gowns so much.
I actually ordered a Gownie from Amazon so I don't have to wear the hospital ones.
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Originally Posted by southernmommie View Post
I actually ordered a Gownie from Amazon so I don't have to wear the hospital ones.
That's cute. I'm wearing a Binsi skirt http://www.birthinbinsi.com/index.htm
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I'll probably start packing at 34 weeks. I had my 2nd baby at 35w5d so I want to be completely packed by that date. I'm taking a lot of stuff. I want to be comfortable and not get bored either. So comfort and entertainment on high on my list.

Laptop w/cord
Kindle w/ charging cord
iPod Touch w/cord for keeping track of feedings and diapers (I have an app for that)
cell phone w/cord
hair ties
some movies
hair brush
shower gel
couple change of old panties
couple change of comfy clothes
lansinoh creamn for bf'ing
couple of changes of clothes for baby

I know I'm missing some things that I can't think of right now.
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We're planning a home birth so I'm only packing an emergency bag. I'll put a baby outfit, outfit for me, contact solution/case, socks, camera and a book or two in there.
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Love the Gownie - thanks for including the link! Just bought one!
What about snacks and beverages? Anyone packing anything along those lines? Also, I've seen "puddle pads" in books and articles - do they mean dog puddle pads in case your water breaks in the car?
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yes. They are actually cheaper than "Chux" pads but they are the same thing.
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Umm... I haven't even thought about packing yet. Might want to do that at some point, c/s is scheduled for the 15th!
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I found a good page about snacks and beverages during labor:

I'll definitely be putting some of these in our picnic cooler to take to the hospital!
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Baby bag:

Going home outfit
hats, mits, socks
Books (to read to her at the hospital)
Cloth diapers and wipes


Ipod dock
Cell phone


cell phone
nursing tanks
nursing gown
going home outfit (I think, I might have pulled it out, I need to put it back)

I think that is it, DW packed our bags and I did not watch her, if we forget anything at home, we are close to the hospital and we can send the doula to go and pick it up.
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