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Baby Positions

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I know that for most of us it's a little early to get too worked up (or at least that's what I keep telling myself), but is anyone else getting a little concerned about their little one's position? I'm 32 1/2 weeks now, and mine is... well, still wiggly, but typically transverse or oblique (shoulder first). I had been suspicious of this for several weeks, and then my midwives confirmed it at my latest prenatal, last Thursday. Fabulous. They were completely unconcerned, and I'm trying to be, but, really, baby, could you maybe get a move on?

Anyone else with a persistently breech/transverse/oblique babe? Are you concerned?
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Originally Posted by APBTlover View Post
really, baby, could you maybe get a move on?

Anyone else with a persistently breech/transverse/oblique babe? Are you concerned?

Yeah....I am 31 weeks and my kiddo is breech right now and I am so trying not to be concerned about it! The head was totally down and in PERFECT position at 26 weeks....so I am sure that it will move downward eventually.....our mantra right now is TURN BABY TURN...TURN BABY TURN
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Yeah, it is hopeful that I'm pretty sure this one CAN get vertex (no cord issues or the like). On Friday I am certain it was in a full vertical position -- complete with giving me heartburn and everything else. I'm not 100% sure but I think it was vertex.

Come on, little ones!
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I'm 31 weeks and I think mine was head down once for like a week, but mostly it likes to hang out obliquely. I have to say I don't mind right now because the week it was head down I think it was practically engaged and it was so uncomfortable for me. Constant headbutts to the cervix and feet in the ribs! I could hardly walk! I guess it has to get down there sooner or later though.
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I'm about 32.5 weeks, too, and my midwife won't even TELL me what position Cadence is in until 36 weeks at the earliest. She's such a brat. I mean, not really. It's for the best, because I'd only worry. But I wish she'd tell me! But not really, I guess?

Ugh. I am WAY too type A. No wonder she won't tell me. Lol.

Anyway, this babe is still moving all over the place. She's stretched out transverse most of the time, and other times she's diagonal. I'm not good enough to tell whether she's head up or head down when she flips vertex though. I'm (obviously!) hoping for the latter!
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Lyndzies, I like your midwife! I don't think mine would have even mentioned it but I prefer not to use the Doppler when possible and they were conversing about baby's position between themselves in order to find the heartbeat with the fetascope. I said, "greeeat." To which my midwife said, "You're what, 32 weeks? Yeah. Not even a problem."

But I guess knowing that they know and are not concerned is better than suspecting it and wondering what they might think.
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I kinda wish mine had not said anything but I had by suspicions because I am getting majorly kicked in the bladder and that big ol' head makes my upper ab muscles so sore to the touch.....

Good thing my midwife is good at flipping babies (or at least thats what she tells me!)
at my next appt. she is going to have me inverted on a board for 20 minutes while we talk I keep trying to picture this in my head!
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With DS, I could tell exactly what position he was in by about 30 weeks so it didn't even matter whether they told me - I always told the u/s technician and then she confirmed (I had lots of u/s).

He was head-downish but diagonal (is that oblique?) until just before 34 weeks.

All in one motion, then, he turned completely head down and engaged (0 station)! I lost my mucus plug the next day, too!

In hindsight, this totally fits DS's personality - he does everything at once. He gets sick, has a growth spurt, has some developmental spurt, and gets a bajillion teeth. lol
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Oh - and this one has been head down for at least 2 weeks, with body curled to my left (I think facing my right hip).
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My little one mostly has his head at my right hip, but when he gets his head down on my cervix I sure do feel it!

I'm not worried. DD was in a similar position right up until 36 weeks or so
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oh my, i'm TOTALLY freaked about it.

the best position she's been in the entire pregnancy was still posterior-but engaged.

currently i have a sneaky suspicion that she has her butt in my pelvis, her head to one side and her feet up poking out the opposite side, so kinda using my pelvic floor as a hammock iykwim? when she stretches i get a head out the squashy bit on my left side and feet out the squashy bit on my right side.... and she is LONG *sigh*

i was woken up at 3am to my DH stroking my belly and saying "turn downwards baby, put ur head in the babystation sweetie make it easy for mummy"....which in hindsight is REALLLLLLLY cute and lovely... but at the time i just grumpily huffed that he'd woken me up and scooted to the other side of the bed....
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Well, I was feeling rather self-satisfied and unconcerned, b/c DD was always in the perfect position every time the OB checked her, and this baby was perfect at 26 weeks, too. When the OB told me that he was in a good position last time, I asked her if that really meant anything, because there was still so much time left for him to turn. But she said no, once they get like this, they usually stay there, because it's more comfortable for them to have their bum up top where there's more room.

Well. I had another OB appointment this morning (I'll be 31 weeks tomorrow), and she informs me that his head is now up in my left ribs, his bum down by my cervix, and his feet up by my right ribs. Oh, and that explains the burning pain I've had in my left ribs for the past couple days, too--it's his hard little head wedged under there. Urgh. So now I'm worried, too. Of course, THIS time my OB said not to worry, and that there was still plenty of room in there for him to move, and plenty of time for him to turn around, but that's not exactly what she said LAST time!! Sigh.

I am comforted by the fact that he's moving around a lot, though. During the exam, while she was poking and prodding and checking his heartbeat, his head moved from my left ribs to over by my right side, but now it's moved back again. The OB advised me to spend some time on my knees with my bum in the air and head down, but otherwise said not to worry.
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My DS was transverse until about 37 weeks. He shifted his head down a few days after and was born at 38w6d. I think you'll be okay. Just keep telling the baby "head down, little one, head down".
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This babe is still quite mobile. Babe is always head downish but moves from side to side and to oblique from time to time. I'm really not worried. Babe has a lot of growing and when things get tighter I'm sure will pick a position. I'm generally watching my posture, doing yoga (down dog feels soooo good), walking, and swimming when I can.
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Mine is mainly vertex, but likes to be transverse sometimes...I can mainly tell because of hiccups...LOL


Head down babies!!
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Just had my 32 week appt. yesterday. My MW didn't tell me the position, but she asked me to make sure I am doing 5 minutes of pelvic tilts 3 times a day to "move" the baby. Yeah, I am a little freaked about that.
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There is an adjustment that Chiropractors can do to turn the baby. If your really concerned you should talk to them about it. Chiropractic in pregnancy is a WONDERFUL thing.
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FWIW... my little girl was still stubbornly transverse (as she had been for about 6 weeks at that point!) at 33 weeks but by 34 went head down and has been so since.

You do still have some time!
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Mine is still oblique with the head low and feet up high as far as I can tell but I'm not worried because she has plenty of time to move and the worst case scenario is just a c-section, which doesn't bother me at all since I'm not at all afraid of surgery. Whatever happens, happens.
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Originally Posted by macy View Post
Mine is still oblique with the head low and feet up high as far as I can tell but I'm not worried because she has plenty of time to move and the worst case scenario is just a c-section, which doesn't bother me at all since I'm not at all afraid of surgery. Whatever happens, happens.
I really and truly wish that a c-section didn't scare the crap out of me!
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