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I'm definitely feeling better when I "force" myself to get out and do something. I did spin class 4x last week, swam twice and yesterday I ran 3 miles. Not bad I suppose. Now I have to work 3 12 hour shifts is a row so this week is going to be hard. and saturday is the triathlon. UGH! Not sure how that will go!!
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i've been heading in to the gym before work (up at 445 to pull it off ) but because of one-car-household issues have been having to switch things up and bike in to work, skipping the gym. i'll won't be able to go in the morning at all once i'm taking my son to kindergarten :/ if i don't do it in the morning, it's harder to get up the gumption later in the day (and also harder because it means babysitting, instead of daddy). but, it'll need to happen. i really love getting a bit of exercise in everyday.
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Do we want to start a weekly exercise thread? We can write out our goals for the week and come back and share struggles, successes, etc??
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I'm trying to walk 2 miles daily. It will end up being 5 days a week. We're planning a Disney vacation at the end of September (got pg the weekend we planned it.) so I want to be able to do all of the walking that requires.

I walk on a treadmill with a fan on so I don't get over heated.
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Just bumping this thread up. Wondering if anyone else was interested in picking up on Stayseeliz's suggestion of a weekly exercise thread. I've been thinking about this a lot. I've gained probably five pounds over the last month and it feels like weight gain is proceeding a little more quickly than I'd like. I know I haven't been getting enough exercise. The daytime sleepiness has been a real issue, but now that my school year is starting I want to try to establish a routine.

My difficulty is, I like to run on the treadmill, but it hurts my breasts! And I'm very picky about other types of equipment. DH is freaking out about me riding my bike in traffic to get to campus (I'm in grad school) but that has been one of my most reliable ways to get exercise in the past.

I'm thinking I'd like to start swimming laps, with a goal of two-three times a week to start, as well as walking and going on an elliptical machine at the gym on weekends.

Stayseeliz--should I go ahead and start a thread?
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I would love an exercise thread! Something to keep me accountable would be a grand thing. For the past year i've been pretty regularly working out 3-5x/wk with tae bo and running. My body is really feeling the lack of movement from the past 7 weeks or so. I've gotten out for the occasional walk and tried to jog, but the energy simply isn't there and my stamina is kaput.

I've been thinking of breaking out my prenatal workout dvds (yoga and a dance one), and I have a prenatal bellydance dvd I found at once upon a child last year that I'm eager to try too.
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I'd love a weekly thread. We can alternate who starts it or one person can do it. I really need the accountability!
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