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2 quick CD ?

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1. Has anyone had rash problems using snappi's? We are getting a stripe of rash across the place where the snappi presses down the diaper. Wondering if that is causing contact dermatitis. It's awful tight.

2. I have read that people complain that Charlies causes rashes. If so is the rash everywhere or just in certain spots? We wash clothes in Charlies as well, and there isn't an all over body rash. Would there be?

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We get that sometimes from the snappi... we just have to be conscious to put the snappi on a looser.
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I agree to put the snappi on a little looser and see if that helps.

I use charlies and I think that if they were having a reaction it would be all over or even the whole diaper area (where it reacts to urine and poo). Just the spot where the snappi is I wouldn't think is a reaction to the soap.
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